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Birds Steer Clear of Invisible Roads

Matt Soniak

Forget about whether the chicken crossed the road or not. The question for some scientists is why other birds won’t even come near a roadway.

Why Do Some Pitchers Throw Submarine Style? Why Don't More?

Hannah Keyser

If you're even a casual baseball fan, that second question—why don't more pitchers throw submarine style?—might seem preposterous.

Name That Commencement Speaker

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We've pulled ten quotes from past commencement speeches—can you figure out who delivered the remarks?

5 Questions: Isn't It a P"ity"?

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10 Crazy Ways People Amused Themselves Before Television

Kathy Benjamin

Before people had hundreds of channels, if they wanted to watch surgery or gawk at celebrity babies, they had to actually leave the house.

10 Interesting Things About Great Britain

the mag

Watch People Paint Ads on NYC Buildings

Erin McCarthy

These days, most advertising is delivered to us via some kind of screen, from tablet to phone to computer to TV.

Which State Has the Most State Pride?

Jason English

The percentage of residents who say their state is "the very best or one of the best places to live."

The Missing Links: Things We Learned From Cartoon PSAs

Colin Patrick

We Won Another Webby Award!

Jason English

We couldn't have done it without you.

23 Music Videos Starring Pre-Fame Celebrities

Stacy Conradt

Though some of the songs may be forgettable, these 23 pre-fame actors at least made the videos memorable.

Strange States: Maryland's Amazing "Half-Boy"

Rob Lammle

Tonight: "All About Ann" (Richards), on HBO

Chris Higgins

22 Things You Might Not Know About 'Mulholland Drive'

Meredith Danko

David Lynch actually got the name for the film when he was planning to create a different pilot, a Twin Peaks spinoff.

Decipher These Mysterious Margin Notes and Win $1000

Arika Okrent

In a special collection at the University of Chicago, in a rare 1504 edition of Homer’s Odyssey, there are two pages—and only two pages—covered with notes in a strange language.