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Watch Five Caterpillar Machines Play Jenga

Jason English

If you ever find yourself with a mountain of wood blocks and a couple excavators idling in the backyard, why not play a massive game of Jenga?

World War I Centennial: Russia Pursues Naval Treaty with Britain

Erik Sass

15 Ways to Cure Hiccups

Hannah Keyser

Most of these home remedies work by overwhelming the vagus nerve, which causes hiccups when it becomes irritated, with another sensation.

10 Words and Phrases You Won’t Believe Are 100 Years Old

Judith B Herman

They may be even older, but 1914 marks the earliest year OED lexicographers could document these words in print.

13 Breathtakingly Beautiful Museums in Africa

Jill Harness

We’ve featured museums from Europe, North America, South America and Asia, so our exploration of the most stunning museums from around the world now takes us to Africa.

An Hour-Long Tour of the ISS

Chris Higgins

The International Space Station is surprisingly big...and unsurprisingly full of Velcro.

10 Ways Academics Say Comedians Make Us Laugh

Judith B Herman

Hey, what’re you laughing at? Psychologists debate whether humor arises simply from absurdity and incongruity, from a need to relieve tension, or from a desire to feel superior.

It Took 6 Cameras to Make this Awesome Video

Erin McCarthy

For two years, German journalist and photographer Jonas Ginter had wanted to make a 360 degree video—one that would make it look like he was hanging out on a tiny planet.

The Missing Links: Bob Ross By The Numbers

Colin Patrick

10 Internet Memes Illustrated in Peeps

Miss Cellania

Grave Sightings: Abraham Lincoln

Stacy Conradt

14 Fun Pinterest Easter Alternatives

Therese Oneill

Tired of giving your kids the same green plastic shreds and dead-eyed chocolate bunnies every Easter? Pinterest has some creative alternatives for you.

Walt Disney Made a Cartoon About Menstruation

Erin McCarthy

You know all about Disney's animated princesses, dwarves, and fairies. You might even know about his wartime propaganda cartoons.

13 Dining-Related Taboos from Around the World

DeAnna Kerley

Here are some things to help you mind your manners wherever you're traveling next.

Why Do Ostriches Stick Their Heads in the Sand?

Hannah Keyser