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The Missing Links: The Psychology of Scams

Colin Patrick

4 More Terrible People and How They Were Captured

David W Brown

Last week, we looked at a few very terrible people, and how law enforcement officials identified them and hunted them down. Here are a few more infamous killers, and how they were captured.

Short-Term Hearing Loss Actually Protects Ears

Meghan Holohan

For a few hours after particularly loud concert, the ringing in your ears makes it tough to hear.

10 Best-Selling Infomercial Products

Jennifer M Wood

As seen on TV—and likely your own credit card bill.

What Do Chechens Have Against Russia?

The Week

The Boston Marathon bombing suspects are ethnic Chechens. Did their homeland's plight help radicalize them?

Weekend Links: Llama Lovin’

Roma Panganiban

Champa: The Bear Who Got Brain Surgery

Jill Harness

While brain surgery has become a fairly common procedure with humans, it is still very rarely used on animal patients, who have drastically different anatomies than we do.

Bill DeMain Remembers George Jones

Bill DeMain

Weekend Links: Straight from the Photographer’s Mouth

Roma Panganiban

Vintage Photos of Female Sword Swallowers

Jill Harness

The Late Movies: Bill Cosby's Jell-O Pudding Commercials

Erica Palan

7 Facts About Hairballs

Amanda Green

April 26 is National Hairball Awareness Day. To celebrate, we've hacked up a few facts about everyone's least favorite cat treat.

The Missing Links: Don't Press That Button

Colin Patrick

Music History #23: "The Late Great Johnny Ace"

Bill DeMain

16 Amazing Stories About Trees

the mag

In honor of Arbor Day, we bring you lifesaving wood, the truth about cork, and a refuge for swamped spiders.