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8 Foodie Destinations Where If You Eat It All, It's Free

Alvin Ward

If you have a hearty appetite for adventure and an even heartier appetite for food, hit the road and lock horns with these eating challenges.

A Musical Composition Based on the Vibrations of Stars

Shaunacy Ferro

The piece by Turkish astronomer Burak Ulas is based on the pulsations from a star called Y Cam A.

Extreme Ironing Pushes the Limits of Domestic Life

Michele Debczak

You'll never look at chores the same way again.

World War II’s Doomed 'Project Pigeon'

Michele Debczak

The American military had a short-lived plan to turn pigeons into kamikaze pilots.

Pesticides Can Alter Spider Personalities, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

Exposure to insecticide alters the behavior of bronze jumping spiders, Canadian researchers write.

Men in Black Safety Defenders, Air New Zealand-style

Brought to you by Air New Zealand

First Woman in History Completes Golden Gate Swim—In Shark-Infested Waters

Caitlin Schneider

Eight years ago Kim Chambers almost lost her leg. Now she's making history.

In the Netherlands, There’s an Entire Town Built for Dementia Patients

Shaunacy Ferro

Hogeweyk is home to 150 residents who receive care for dementia and Alzheimer's—without having to give up normal life.

7 Fun Facts for World Elephant Day

Yelena Melnichenko

Happy World Elephant Day! Celebrate the occasion with some facts about everyone's favorite gentle giant.

The Missing Links: Library Cards or Business Cards?

Colin Patrick

A Brief History of the Hawaiian Shirt

Mark Mancini

Their vibrant journey to the mainland and beyond is a tale of surfers, sailors, and cultural crossroads.

Larger Pacific Striped Octopus Acts Very Social in the Lab

Shaunacy Ferro

Social behavior is very weird for an octopus.

14 Things You Might Not Know About QVC

Jake Rossen

Marlon Brando wanted a job there.

Why Cutting Meat Against the Grain is Scientifically Superior

Caitlin Schneider

As we slowly enter into the twilight of summer, the stakes are higher than ever to make every steak count. One way to ensure the very best in your home grilling? Cutting your meat against the grain.

California Protects Its Drinking Water With a Pile of Plastic Balls

Shaunacy Ferro

These ball pits serve a purpose.