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Weekend Links: Everyone is Beautiful

Roma Panganiban

The Space Toilet

Chris Higgins

12 Photos of Therapy Dogs Providing Comfort After Tragedies

Jill Harness

Dogs rule.

World War I Centennial: Ceasefire in the Balkans, French War Council Approves Plan XVII

Erik Sass

Brain Game: Fun with Flags

Sandy Wood

The Missing Links: The End-of-the-Week Unwind

Colin Patrick

Why Are White People Called Caucasian?

Matt Soniak

It goes back to German anthropologist Friedrich Blumenbach.

A History of "Trial By Ordeal"

Arallyn Primm

Have you ever undergone a “trial by fire”? In its modern use, this refers to any ordeal meant to test one’s strength, endurance, or resolve.

Retrobituaries: Edsger Dijkstra, Computer Scientist

David W Brown

In our Retrobituaries series, we highlight interesting people who are no longer with us. Today let's explore the life of Edsger Dijkstra, who died at 72 in 2002.

9 Ways to Enjoy Cadbury Creme Eggs

Miss Cellania

From the sublime to the ridiculous—you decide which is which.

16 Intricate Miniature Rooms

Virginia C McGuire

Furniture is just furniture and rooms are just rooms, but when they're tiny they suddenly become fascinating and adorable.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

When and Why Did People Start Saying "Um" When They Talk?

Arika Okrent

Reader Darren wrote in to ask, "When and why did people start saying um when they are talking?"

Morning Links: Hunting Down the Boston Marathon Suspects

Miss Cellania

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 97

Mark Arminio