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10 Very Costly Typos

Jennifer M Wood

An ode to proofreaders.

The Missing Links: Early Cell Phone Advertising

Colin Patrick

21 Creative TV Edits of Naughty Movie Lines

Arika Okrent

There's a lot of language in movies that you can't show on TV.

How Ancient Shark-Tooth Swords Uncovered Two Long-Lost Species

The Week

What Tasks Are You Avoiding Through Strategic Incompetence?

Jason English

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Brain Game: Bandit

Sandy Wood

Will We Ever Be Able to Clone Dinosaurs?

Brian Switek

When I was a little dinosaur fan, all I wanted was a pet dinosaur. An Apatosaurus would have been choice—big enough to be impressive, but not especially likely to eat me.

The First Man in the Boston Stocks Was the Man Who Built Them

Matt Soniak

“One of the earliest institutions in every New England community was a pair of stocks,” writes Alice Morse Earle in Curious Punishments of Bygone Days.

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme 95

Mark Arminio

The Faces Behind 31 Disney Villains

Stacy Conradt

Ever wonder if the actors who voice the villains are just as mean-looking as their on-screen counterparts? Wonder no more.

Stained Glass Made From Paper

Jill Harness

Stained glass tends to be made from, well, glass. But artist Eric Standley makes gorgeous and intricate designs reminiscent of the finest stained glass windows on earth using only one material—paper.

10 Movies Roger Ebert Really Hated

Stacy Conradt

When Roger Ebert hated a film, he really didn't mince words.

Trailer Thursday: Dinosaurs, Teapots, and the Undead. Oh My!

Stacy Conradt

Massive Wartime Decoys and Camouflage Operations

Miss Cellania