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The Missing Links: Inside the New Legoland Hotel

Colin Patrick

15 Vintage Celebrity Passports

Roma Panganiban

Even award-winning actors, authors, and athletes have to make sure they have all their documents in line before showing up to board their flight.

How Modern Family Almost Saved Osama bin Laden

David W Brown

There was a close call concerning the raid that killed bin Laden, and strangely it involved actor Eric Stonestreet.

Presidential Flight Before Air Force One

Mark Mancini

They’ve been called “flying Oval Offices,” presently contain some of the world’s most high-tech missile defense systems, and even starred in an action movie alongside Harrison Ford.

International Internet Memes

Miss Cellania

Make Your Own Magic Crystal Tree

Chris Higgins

How to Converse Properly: 18 Tips From Old Etiquette Books

Arika Okrent

This is how you should talk to people, at least according to old guides to etiquette.

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

Morning Cup of Links: Spelling and Grammar Puns

Miss Cellania

Why is English Spelling So Messed Up?

Arika Okrent

If you're a kid learning how to write, English spelling can seem like a cruel prank.

At the Libraries: Peep This!

Miss Kathleen

10 Things to Remember About Annette Funicello

Stacy Conradt

The Late Movies: Barbara Walters' Best Interviews

Erica Palan

The Letter Bill Clinton Wrote Chris Webber in 1993

Jason English

Rama-O-Rama: A Guide to 5 Visual Extravaganzas!

Rob Lammle

Before motion pictures, there were many ways for people to experience something they had never seen before.