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Amanda Green

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Miss Cellania

What the World's Biggest Tuba Sounds Like

Chris Higgins

8 Lifehacks for Your Big Night Out!

Having fun is easy, but making a great impression on new pals can be even easier with these delightfully simple lifehacks.

Weekend Links: 8 Hours, 24 Sunsets

Roma Panganiban

WWI Centennial: Battle of Arras

Erik Sass

10 Feathered Facts About Microraptor

Mark Mancini

This pint-sized predator hails from prehistoric China.

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Scientists May Have Figured Out What Caused the Man in the Moon

Hannah Keyser

11 of America's Most Inspiring Cup Holder Patents

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11 Must-See Stops on the American Stargazing Tour

What's the Difference Between Bison and Buffalo?

Erin McCarthy

On a recent trip out west, I visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, where I saw plenty of bison dotting the plains. Or were they buffalo? Is there a difference between the two?