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Some Spiders Can “Sail” Across Water

Matt Soniak

Whether it’s one creeping around some dark corner of your house or crawling over its web in a field or forest, most spiders we encounter are found on solid ground.

11 Hidden Waterfalls and Swimming Holes You Can Visit This Summer

Alvin Ward

Forget the water parks, ditch the public swimming pools, and bid farewell to your sprinkler.

5 Questions: "Mel" Farr

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Picky Eaters May Be More Likely to Develop Anxiety and Depression

Hannah Keyser

Don't panic if your kid hates broccoli.

Urban Song Sparrows Are More Aggressive Than Rural Birds

Beth Anne Macaluso

Hey, I'm flyin' here!

Miniature Calendar Features Landscapes Made From Household Items

Yelena Melnichenko

10 Delightful Duck Facts

Yelena Melnichenko

You may have fed a few ducks in your lifetime, and maybe even seen a couple of ducklings waddling around—but how much do you really know about the common waterfowl?

The Proper Way to Hang a Roll of Toilet Paper

Caitlin Schneider

A 124-year-old patent solves a persistent bathroom debate.

6 Memorable Letters From Neil Armstrong

Adrienne Crezo

Neil Armstrong, who would have turned 85 years old today, is remembered as both a "reluctant American hero" and "the spiritual repository of spacefaring dreams and ambitions."

The Bubble Tent You Didn't Know You Needed

Yelena Melnichenko

A transparent dome that allows you to actually see the outdoors while you're enjoying the outdoors.

Can You Translate This 800-Year-Old Sword's Inscription?

Erika Berlin

The British Library is looking for help to translate an inscription on a medieval sword.

What If You Stopped Eating?

Alvin Ward

Take a Look at the Lexus Hoverboard in Action

Rebecca OConnell

Marty McFly's preferred mode of transport is at long last a reality.

Natural History Museum Dioramas Are Disappearing

Shaunacy Ferro

The meticulous art of recreating wildlife habitats in a museum setting is one the public isn't 19so keen on anymore.

Dogfish Head Puts a Sweet Spin On Lobster Beer—By Adding Chocolate

Jennifer M Wood

“It tastes like the ocean.”