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18 Stunning Black-Light-Responsive Tattoos

Jill Harness

While UV-responsive tattoos are still fairly rare (many people don’t want to bother with ink that’s almost never going to be seen), they can offer a unique way to accentuate a design or to get a tatto

The Missing Links: Child-Designed Dolls

Colin Patrick

8 Facts Revealed by Genetic Analysis of the Platypus

Maggie Ryan Sandford

The platypus is confounding well beyond its external mismatched/mish-mashed characteristics.

The 1949 Renovation of the White House

Jill Harness

While we will never get an accurate view of what the White House looked like when it was originally under construction in the 1800s, we can at least get a good look at the building while it was underg

Patton Oswalt's 8-minute "Star Wars" Filibuster

Chris Higgins

11 Organisms Scientifically Named After Fictional Characters

Mark Mancini

Scientific names hail from a variety of sources, with the realm of fiction providing hundreds of creative titles for various organisms over the years. Here are eleven of the most unusual.

15 Temporarily Banned Episodes of Popular TV Shows

Kathleen Elise

Over the years, a number of TV series have removed specific episodes from their rerun schedules. Here's why they were deemed so offensive.

9 Extremely Pretentious Latin and Greek Plurals

Arika Okrent

Here are some uncommon but etymologically sound plurals that you may employ for petty pedantry at your own risk.

31 Famous People Who Married Their First Cousins

Jason English

Can Stress Really Cause Hair Loss?

Kevin Kampwirth

People have long been known to willfully pull out their own hair owing to anxiety, but it’s widely believed that chronic stress can cause inadvertent hair loss as well.

Brain Game: Go Get It!

Sandy Wood

Bates Motel Recap, Episode 5: "Ocean View"

Stacy Conradt

This week on Bates Motel: Norma storms off, repeatedly. Norman attempts to repress his happiness, repeatedly. Shelby acts creepy, repeatedly.

The Late Movies: Annette Funicello's Most Memorable Moments

Erica Palan

Last week, teen queen Annette Funicello, who you may remember from the original Mickey Mouse Club and her surf films with Frankie Avalon, died after a long battle with multiple sclerosis.

10 Stop Signs With Song Lyric Graffiti

Virginia C McGuire

How many songs can you think of that have the word STOP in them? Apparently graffiti artists have been able to think of quite a few and have used them to alter stop signs all over the country.

4 Gertrudes Who Changed the World

the mag

The name Gertrude sounds hard—and that’s intentional. It comes from the Germanic roots ger (“spear”) and þruþ (“strength”). No wonder ladies with the moniker are brutish, unapologetic enforcers!