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The Missing Links: The Viral-est of 2014 Videos

Colin Patrick

10 Words Shakespeare Used With Unclear Meanings

Paul Anthony Jones

The 25 Most Interesting Comics of 2014

Rich Barrett

'E'-Less European Countries

Get Nerdily Festive With These Scientist Paper Snowflakes

Erin McCarthy

Try your hand at making these awesome patterns for Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Erwin Schrödinger (with some cats, naturally).

Hank Green: "You Have No Obligation to Your Former Self"

Chris Higgins

Navy Develops Shark-Shaped Reconnaissance Robot

Hannah Keyser

15 Gifts for Fledgling Cryptozoologists

Rebecca OConnell

5 Questions: Eighth Day of Christmas

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11 Gifts That Will Instantly Innovate Any Home

17 Facts About the First Episode of 'The Simpsons'

Christian Bond

The first episode of The Simpsons aired 25 years ago today!

WWI Centennial: German Navy Bombards British Towns

Erik Sass

December 16, 1914: German Ships Shell Scarborough, Hartlepool, Whitby

This Might Be the Coolest Puzzle Ever

Abbey Stone

Why Is a Liquor's Proof Double Its Percentage Alcohol by Volume?

Nick Greene

Watch the Second Episode of AMNH's Series 'Shelf Life'

Erin McCarthy