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New Volcanic Island to Show Scientists How Life Develops

Caitlin Schneider

IBM's Supercomputer Watson Knows the Secret to Happiness

Beth Anne Macaluso

10 Wonderful Facts About Miragaia

Mark Mancini

Exam Season: Now With Piglets!

Hayley Harding

Cool Artsy App Teaches Kids the Basics of Physics

Hannah Keyser

Using Simple Math for a Great Summer Party Cocktail Hack

Clair McLafferty

A Brief and Incomplete History of the Swimsuit

the mag

When you squeeze into your Speedo, you’re not just baring your skin—you’re celebrating centuries of technological breakthroughs.

Robotic Cockroach Teams Up with Robotic Bird

Shaunacy Ferro

29 Obscure Regional Words and Phrases We All Should Start Using

Caitlin Schneider

Work these into conversation.

The Missing Links: 8-Bit Shawshank

Colin Patrick

Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Worse

Colin Patrick

These tips will not save you time or money or make your life easier in any way.

The '60s Housewife Who Couldn't Sing—But Landed on the 'Billboard' Charts Anyway

Suzanne Raga

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Moe Berg, Major League Baseball Catcher and Spy

Stacy Conradt

The Female Jiu-Jitsu Crew That Defended Feminists in 1900s London

Jake Rossen

Had the police known there was barbed wire hidden in the floral arrangements, things might have gone a little differently.