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11 Pop Culture Christmas Wreaths

Miss Cellania

Brain Game: Start Me Up

Sandy Wood

How One Woman's Discovery Shook the Foundations of Geology

the mag

Without ever setting sail, Marie Tharp mapped the ocean floor and made a discovery that shook the foundations of geology. So why did the giants of her field dismiss her findings as “girl talk"?

25 Hair-Raising Facts About Hair

This week’s episode of the List Show is all about hair.

The Missing Links: A Universe Where Time Moves Backward

Colin Patrick

The Start of Summer in Antarctica

Chris Higgins

A series of ordinary days near the South Pole, setting up camp for the "summer."

6 Famous Musicians Who Wrote Jingles for TV Commercials

Rudie Obias

You might be surprised by who wrote those jingles that get stuck in your head.

Reindeer Sometimes Eat Meat

Mark Mancini

Does your family leave carrots out for Rudolph and company on Christmas Eve? This year, try a live lemming instead.

11 Things Lost, Then Rediscovered, At Museums

Erin McCarthy

8 Brilliant Ways Your Computer Can Respond to Your Mood With Emotion Tracking

Emily Dickinson: Scandalous Spinster?

Erin Blakemore

Enjoy This Adorable LEGO Tortoise Wheelchair

Rebecca OConnell

Write on Your Food With This Spice Pen

Hannah Keyser

The latte art game is about to enter a new era.

5 Questions: Second Day of Christmas

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WWI Centennial: Revenge at the Falklands

Erik Sass