New Art Project Allows People to Adopt Pieces of Space Junk That Will Tweet at Them

Jay Serafino

The art project 'Adrift' aims to illustrate the dangers of space junk through music, visuals, and social media.

5 Questions: Black Friday

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10 Creative Recipes to Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Michele Debczak

Go beyond the traditional turkey sandwich this year.

7 Ways Lighting Can Make Your Home Happier

Presented by GE reveal.

The Sweet and Not-So-Sweet History of Saccharin

Miss Cellania

Saccharin has been around for well over a century, but its history hasn't always gone down easy.

How An Obscure British Comedy Sketch Became The World’s Most Repeated TV Program

Paul Anthony Jones

It's gained a cult audience all over the world—and is especially popular in Germany.

20 Eerie Images of an Abandoned Shopping Mall

Weeks ahead of its scheduled demolition, photographer Seph Lawless got a last look at what has become of Kansas City's Metro North Mall in the two years since its closure.

When Richard Nixon Wanted to be a Rapper

Jake Rossen

Yes, that Richard Nixon.

The Time an Engineer Accidentally Started the Space Race and Changed the Course of History

David W Brown

A space race was never supposed to happen, but one engineer's obsession changed all of that.

20 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Gilmore Girls'

Meredith Danko

Some even played multiple characters on the show before making it big.

QVC's Strangest Gift Item: The Poopin' Moose

Jake Rossen

"What better way to dispense your candy than through the butt of a moose?"

Skip the Crowds with Our Readers' Favorite Amazon Deals of the Year

Smart Shopping Team

Since our Smart Shopping Team began hunting for great deals earlier this year, they've hit on quite a few that readers have loved.

Heinz Beans Ad Pulled From the UK for Being "Dangerous"

Jake Rossen

Aside from a little—or a lot—of gas, what could be dangerous about cans of baked beans?

20 Space-Related Gifts for the Astronomer in Your Life

Rebecca OConnell

Presents dedicated to stars, planets, and space exploration.

Morning Cup of Links: Thanksgiving Dinner Calorie Count

Miss Cellania

Happy Thanksgiving! Have some links!