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20 Companies With the Best Job Perks

Shaunacy Ferro

Vacation travel stipends? Free acupuncture? Paying off student debt? Yes, please.

Orangutans May One Day Play Video Games With Zoo Guests

Anna Green

Researchers at the University of Melbourne’s Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces have teamed up with Zoos Victoria to develop games for Orangutans using Microsoft’s Kinect 3D

Play This Game to Find Out How Easily Distracted You Are

Shaunacy Ferro

Just how frazzled are you?

This Cat Video is Taking Over New York's Times Square Every Night This Month

Andrew LaSane

You can stand in the center of the New York City hub and watch this cat sip milk.

12 Futuristic Facts About ‘Escape From New York’

Matthew Jackson

Thirty-five years ago, John Carpenter set the standard for dystopian cinema and created one of the most iconic sci-fi films ever made.

What's the Exchange Rate Between Harry Potter Coins and Muggle Money?

Michele Debczak

A reddit user recently analyze the worth of wizard money—and it really puts Harry's wealth into perspective.

Why Is Pee Yellow?

Kate Horowitz

Yellow pee is a sign that your body is healthy.

The Ongoing Hunt for a Capsule That Landed on the Moon 50 Years Ago Today

David W Brown

So scientists are searching the Moon pixel by pixel to find what perhaps one day could be some sort of national park for lunar inhabitants.

Jenlagged: A Comic Travelogue from Angoulême (Part 5)

Jen Vaughn

American cartoonist Jen Vaughn is currently there and is creating a live comic travelogue about her experience at the 43rd annual Angoulême International Comics Festival.

15 Facts for Norman Rockwell's Birthday

Mark Mancini

The artist is still celebrated for depicting Americana at its best.

Watch 100 Years of Zombies in Pop Culture in Under Three Minutes

Andrew LaSane

From drinking special potions to "turn" to being particularly adept at running, the changes over the years are more than just an upgrade in makeup effects.

The Missing Links: The Man Who Made the Looney Tunes Sound Effects

Colin Patrick

Who Was Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue"?

Stacy Conradt

Though it’s one of Buddy Holly’s most famous tunes now, “Peggy Sue” was almost an entirely different song.

Watch This Giraffe Give Birth to a Tiny Calf at a South Carolina Zoo

Kirstin Fawcett

A live streaming webcam caught real-time footage of the baby giraffe just moments after it was born.

5 Financial Planners Share Their #1 Tip for Managing Money

Kristin Wong

"Set it and forget it" applies to your savings, too.