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11 Shocking Truths About Real Estate

Presented by Adam Ruins Everything.

Your Old Festival Wristbands Are Probably Full of Germs, Study Says

Anna Green

Festival wristbands are riddled with micrococci and staphylococci bacteria, according to a recent study.

Pakistan Has a New Harry Potter-Themed Cafe

Kirstin Fawcett

Muggles can now get a taste of wizard school at The Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad.

Twins May Live Longer, Study Finds

Anna Green

Twins may actually live longer than the general population.

Scientists Keep Worms Awake for Insights Into Human Insomnia

Anna Green

Scientists at Caltech have discovered three neuropeptides that help worms fall asleep.

Did You Know There Was a Wright Sister?

David W Brown

A third (largely unheralded) person played a vital role in the creation of the airplane: Katharine Wright.

Walking Can Boost Your Mood, Whether That's the Goal or Not

Kirstin Fawcett

All the more reason for you to take an afternoon stroll at work.

5 Strange Things That Became Musical Instruments

Mental Floss UK

Where there's a will, there's a way to make music.

Plight of Injured Toucan Sparks Global Movement—and New Animal Planet Documentary

Kate Horowitz

'Toucan Nation' follows the story of a wounded toucan named Grecia.

NASA's Research Is Now Freely Available Online

Michele Debczak

More than 850 articles have been uploaded so far, and more are on the way.

Tyra Banks Is Now a Professor at Stanford Business School

Anna Green

The supermodel will co-teach a class called “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand.”

13 Toothy Facts About the Tooth Fairy

Garrett Williams

Is the Tooth Fairy a mouse? Maybe.

Europe’s Oldest Living Resident Is This Pine Tree in Greece

Shaunacy Ferro

It dates back to the Viking Age.

July 2016 Was the Hottest Month Ever Recorded

Dennis Mersereau

If it seems like you’ve seen this news before, there’s good reason for it—NOAA found that this July was the 15th month in a row with record-breaking global temperature anomalies.

KFC: Now Serving Fried Chicken-Scented Sunscreen

Rudie Obias

Mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and a biscuit not included.