14 Fascinating Facts About 'Sling Blade'

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John Ritter's backstory for his gay convenience store manger involved the 'Happy Days' gang.

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New visual prostheses can help people with progressive retinal degeneration restore visual signals to their brain.

17 Electric Facts About 'MTV Unplugged'

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The atmosphere behind the scenes of MTV's acoustic phenomenon wasn't as mellow as the intimate performances suggest.

The Time Ohio and Michigan Almost Went to War

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Ohio State vs. Michigan is one of the best rivalries in sports. But two centuries ago, the states were ready to go to war for real.

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From the Smart Shopping Team...

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Why Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Daughter Might Become a Saint

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In her forties, she rededicated her life to working with the poor and very sick.

The 12 Most Interesting Comics of November

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The Publicity Stunt That Convinced People Elevators Were Safe

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In 1854, thousands of New Yorkers watched an inventor appear to almost plummet to his death.

Duke Students Have Developed a Robotic Nursing Assistant

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The Tele-Robotic Intelligent Nursing Assistant, or TRINA, was designed to aid healthcare workers in high-risk environments.

20 Random Facts About Shopping

Will NASA Be Able to Stop a Real-Life 'Armageddon'?

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First we find it. Then we try to move it. And if that doesn't work, we blow it up.

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