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See the Groovy Process Behind How a Lava Lamp Gets Made

Shaunacy Ferro

That trippy liquid inside contains a secret recipe.

12 Pop Culture Costumes You Can Put Together Yourself

Rebecca OConnell

Skip the Halloween store!

11 Comfy Facts About Keds

Kristin Hunt

The iconic kicks—which made an appearance on The Ramones' debut album and at Yoko Ono's wedding to John Lennon—are turning 100.

Tool-Using Hawaiian Crows Join Bird Version of MENSA

Kate Horowitz

The rare ‘Alalā species is only the second known crow species to use tools.

MOTI, a Robot That Promises to Help You Develop Better Habits

Anna Green

MOTI is a tiny robot designed to help you develop good habits.

Apple Just Patented a Shopping Bag

Anna Green

It's reportedly part of Apple’s larger effort to go green.

Archaeologists Find Skeleton at Antikythera Mechanism Shipwreck

Megan Gannon

Human remains are a rare find for sunken ships. Discovering a skeleton in one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world is even rarer.

20 Colorful Facts About 'Blue Velvet'

Meredith Danko

Argentina Adds Film Studies to Elementary School Curriculums

Kirstin Fawcett

Officials in Argentina want to create a new generation of film geeks.

Autonomous Boats Are Coming to the Canals of Amsterdam

Michele Debczak

The "roboats" are expected to start testing next year.

5 Ways to Cut Your Work Hours Without Skimping on Productivity

Stop burning the candle at both ends.

Tokyo Creates Overtime Prevention Teams to Get Employees to Go Home

Shaunacy Ferro

It's only for municipal workers, though.

Name Each Band's Lead Singer

Take the quiz!

What’s the Difference Between a Pirate and a Buccaneer?

Mark Mancini

Four hundred years ago, if you were a seafaring thief, the label that you received said a great deal—mainly about whoever it was doing the labeling.