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The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 63

Mark Arminio

Welcome back to the Thursday night Late Movies, _flossers! As always, the clips below have something in common. Think you can figure it out?

The Missing Links: How to Assault the Magic Kingdom

Colin Patrick

Storm the Castle. Leave No Gigantic Talking Mouse or Duck Alive. How would you hypothetically attack Cinderella’s castle?

11 Moons You Should Get to Know

Calli Arcale

You may have heard already that a fifth moon was discovered orbiting Pluto.

At the Libraries: Help a Library in Need

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Population Growth Explained Using Colored Water

Chris Higgins

Here's a short, beautifully shot video: a visual explanation of how the human population got to 7 billion, using tinted water dripping into and out of seven glasses -- one for each continent.

Lunchtime Quiz: Track Listing (Another Numerical Edition)

Jason Plautz

Another week, another party, another playlist that needs ordering.

10 More Odd and Unusual Boating Events

Miss Cellania

Just a couple of days ago, we had 10 Strange and Wonderful Boat Races. Readers suggested other boat races, hinting that a list of ten was not enough.

Walk This Way: The History of the Moving Sidewalk

Matt Soniak

Authors like H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Heinlein have long envisioned a future where the automobile gives way to massive, high-speed moving walkways.

What Causes "Old Book Smell"?

Matt Soniak

“A combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness” is how an international team of chemists describes the unique odor of old books in a study.

Brain Game: Root, Root, Root

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge focuses on America's Game. Can you solve it?

Morning Cup of Links: LEGO Wire

Miss Cellania

Are feminism and comedy natural enemies? Louis C.K.

How Did Nickelodeon Make Green Slime?

Matt Soniak

Don't say, "I don't know."

4 Animals That Ran for Mayor (and Won!)

Julia Davis

Has the presidential race soured you on politics as usual? Next time you’re in the voting booth, consider casting your ballot for a nontraditional candidate.

The Late Movies: The Secret Life of Machines

Chris Higgins

I love The Secret Life of Machines, a late-1980s series about how everyday machines work.

The Missing Links: Hitler's Tricky Chocolates

Colin Patrick

The Thin T-Shirt Material This Batsuit Is Made of Will Surely Protect Me! Because I fully intend to mention Batman as much as possible this week, have a look at this LIFE gallery of behind-the-scenes