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18 Bizarre Self-Proclaimed Capitals of the World

M Asher Cantrell

Lots of places claim to be the world capital of something -- animals, fruits, vegetables, consumer goods, other odds and ends. But sometimes, that something is really, really strange. 1.

The Missing Links: Neo Meets Bill Lumbergh

Colin Patrick

Fun With Editing: The Matrix Meets Office Space (Via The Awesomer) * Unleash the Pus-Filled Blisters Within Tony Robbins, one of America’s most well-known self-help authors/motivational sp

Olympic Art Competitions: 1916-1924

Scott Allen

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking a look back at the fine art competitions that originated in ancient Greece and were revived as part of the modern Olympics from 1912 to

Who Wrote "Happy Birthday to You" (and Who's Collecting the Millions in Royalties)?

Matt Soniak

“Happy Birthday to You” has been used in hundreds of movies, countless advertisements, an estimated 1,500,000+ singing telegrams, and been the basis for pieces by classical composers like Igor Stravin

The Autofrisk: All the Groping Action, Just 40 Pence

Chris Higgins

Cheeky engineer Tim Hunkin (of Secret Life of Machines fame) invented the Autofrisk, a device that gently gropes the user in exchange for a few coins. (In the U.K.

15 Delightfully Geeky Wedding Invitations

Jill Harness

We’ve brought you geeky engagement rings, wedding photos and wedding dresses. Now it’s time for geeky invitations!

Brain Game: Game Barren

Even the worst guessers will have a 1-in-48 2-in-48 shot at today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

13 Medal-Worthy Olympic Stories

Ethan Trex

To become an Olympic hero in our book, it takes more than athleticism.

Morning Cup of Links: Internet Distrust

Miss Cellania

Pioneering astronaut and physicist Sally Ride died of pancreatic cancer Monday at age 61.

Who Ensures That "No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Film"?

Matt Soniak

GARY HERSHORN/Reuters/Landov That’s the work of the American Humane Association, who actually trademarked the phrase. The AHA first set up a committee to investigate abuse of animal actors in the earl

World War I Centennial: Britain and France Team Up (Sort Of)

Erik Sass

Installment #28: The rise of German power on land and at sea in the first years of the 20th century forced Britain and France, rivals since the medieval period, to put aside their differences to conta

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sally Ride

Ethan Trex

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, has passed away. She was 61. This story on her life and accomplishments originally appeared last

The Movie That Caused PTSD

Jill Harness

Most people think of TV movies as cheesy, inferior versions of their big-screen counterparts, but no other movie has caused as much fear in its viewers as the BBC film Ghostwatch. The movie was sho

The Missing Links: Barry Larkin's Flaming Underwear Olympics Hoax

Colin Patrick

You Think Nuclear Weapons Are Safe? Why Don’t You Stand Right Under One As It Explodes? These five guys did.

Our 12 Most Popular Math & Science T-Shirts (Plus a Big Sale!)

Andréa Fernandes

Our Pi Approximation T-shirt sale ends tonight, so hurry to our store to pick up any of our great T-shirts for only $14.99