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10 Funky Facts About Shuvuuia

Mark Mancini

Weekend Links: Thomas Edison’s Nightmare Dolls

Roma Panganiban

Vultures Surf on Humans’ Hot Air

Matt Soniak

It’s not just people that harness energy from power plants - birds also use them in their own way.

The Most Distinctive Cause of Death in Each State

Alvin Ward

From the CDC.

7 Tips for Better Barbecue from a BBQ Master

Erin McCarthy

Peek Inside This Boarded-Up NYC Mansion

Erika Berlin

Remembering Jim Henson

Chris Higgins

On May 16, 1990, Jim Henson passed away. In the months that followed, a pair of memorial services paid tribute to the man who changed the entertainment landscape.

5 Wedding Tips From Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

Caitlin Schneider

WWI Centennial: Second Battle of Artois

Erik Sass

Write on Any Surface with This Smart Pen

Sonia Weiser

Sunset on Mars Is Blue

Shaunacy Ferro

15 Aca-Awesome Celebrities Who Sang A Cappella In School

Erika Berlin

Leprosy Probably Came to the UK with a Scandinavian Man

Shaunacy Ferro

15 Historic Terms for Crime and Punishment, Defined

Therese Oneill

Google's Self-Driving Cars Will Hit the Road This Summer

Beth Anne Macaluso