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How Boston's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Jake Seiner

Boston was one of America’s earliest settlements, and that is reflected in its neighborhood and town names.

Our Nerdcations Issue is on Stands Now!

Jessanne Collins

9 Star Wars Guitars

Miss Cellania

10 Frilled Facts About Protoceratops

Mark Mancini

Scarcity attracts people. What’s common is often ignored, overshadowed by the exotic and unusual.

The Missing Links: Living In A Bubble

Colin Patrick

10 Strategies for Fighting Wildfires

Brooks Hays

Battling forest fires, or wildfires, is no straightforward task.

Danger Lab: The Bats and the Bees

the mag

Why Does "X" Represent the Unknown?

Chris Higgins

50 Spanish-English False Friend Words

Judith B Herman

Sometimes words with the same origin take a separate path in each language, or words with different origins resemble each other by coincidence. That can mean trouble.

Brain Game: Math Square #235

Sandy Wood

How Does an Anti-Gravity Treadmill Work?

Sarah Fecht

Hint: It *doesn't* defy the laws of physics.

The 5 Different Linguistic Styles of Exciting Goal Calls

Arika Okrent

Hearing hundreds of goals called, one right after the other, by excited announcers from various countries, can really make you notice the international differences in goal announcing style.

5 Questions: Not East

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

7 Highlights from a 19th Century Book of Sample Love Letters

Hannah Keyser

The book provides advice in the form of example letters for all sorts of situations.

15 Shelved Movies That Were Eventually Released Years Later

Rudie Obias