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83 Old Slang Phrases We Should Bring Back

Jason English

John Green put our growing collection of slang dictionaries to good use.

What's The Difference Between Grasshoppers and Locusts?

Hannah Keyser

There is something swarming in New Mexico. The infestation is so thick that clouds of insects are showing up on the radar like, well, real clouds.

Morning Cup of Links: Caricatures of 1873

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: Eyeglass Parts

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The Time 250,000-Year-Old Mammoth Was Served For Dinner

Hannah Keyser

"The grand ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel won't serve food like that again this year," wrote Herbert B. Nichols in the Christian Science Monitor on January 17, 1951.

Can You Decipher These 11 Historical Political Cartoons?

Therese Oneill

Few things are more baffling than an outdated political cartoon. Jokes about history lessons you don’t remember are presented in a style that is usually disturbing, if not flat out terrifying.

The Missing Links: Breaking Your Bad Gift Habit

Colin Patrick

13 Essential Summer Reads According to Book Critics in 1852

Nick Greene

The Most Expensive College in Each State

Alvin Ward

If your alma mater is on the map, here's hoping they were generous with scholarships.

Weird Swimsuits Designed by Salvador Dalí

Erin McCarthy

You know his artwork, but did you know that surrealist painter Salvador Dalí also dabbled in women's fashion? Swimwear, specifically.

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

Chris Higgins

17 Skeuomorphs That Show Retro Is Always In

Judith B Herman

A skeuomorph is an object or feature that imitates the design of an older similar object, just for show.

13 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in June

Hannah Keyser

We missed the chance to implore you to celebrate "Say Something Nice Day" with us on the first of the month (and "National Leave the Office Early Day" yesterday), but there are ple

Brain Game: Cactus vs. Grapefruit

Sandy Wood

10 Facts About Ankylosaurus

Mark Mancini

Whenever Ankylosaurus is mentioned—in basic cable documentaries, cheap time-travel novels, or elsewhere—you might as well just start counting the seconds until somebody inevitably compares it to a tan