The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Meet The Man Behind the Decor at Applebee’s

Ashlie Stevens

Joe Ley may describe himself as a "professional hoarder," but he's become the go-to guy for restaurants in search of kitchy furnishings.

What Playing a Vinyl Record Looks Like Under a Microscope

Shaunacy Ferro

Ben Krasnow uses an electron microscope to see a record player in close-up action.

The U.S. Military Considered Building Halitosis and Flatulence Bombs

Mark Mancini

During World War II, officials (briefly) thought it might be best to take a more, um, natural approach to their weaponry.

What Did I Just Watch? Ferrofluids Explained

Jen Pinkowski

Ferrofluids react to magnetic field in visually gorgeous ways. Watch and learn.

17 'Simpsons' Cultural References Explained for Younger Viewers

Nick Greene

7 Free Apps to Download Before Your Next Business Trip

Even if you're excited to travel at your company's expense, it's easy to get bogged down in arranging the logistics of business travel.

Can You Spot the Drowning Child?

Jennifer M Wood

It takes just one second for a lifeguard to transform into a hero.

Artist Turns Trendy Products Into Plush Toys

Rebecca OConnell

Mysterious Malady Causes Thousands of Crabs to Wash Ashore

Hannah Keyser

No one knows why the sands of San Diego's coastline are covered in crabs.

5 Questions: That's Just So "Plastic"

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The Eccentric British Headmaster Who Never Existed

Bess Lovejoy

In 1948, the fictional H. Rochester Sneath badgered his fellow headmasters about sex ed, rodent infestations, and exorcisms.

11 ‘Bomberman’ Facts That Will Blow You Away

Janet Burns

No matter how many Power Bombs you’ve laid down, there are a few hidden gems about the early years of the mini bomber that you might have missed in the rubble.

WWI Centennial: “Monstrous Chapters of History”

Erik Sass

We're covering the events of World War I exactly 100 years later.

3D Printed Rats Make For Cheaper and More Ethical Dissections

Hannah Keyser

Printing accurate 3D models could eliminate many of the ethical and comfort issues surrounding classic dissections.