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7 Reasons to Never Ever Ever Vacation on a Cruise Ship

The Week

Cruises are often advertised as luxurious escapes from the grinding tedium of our everyday lives.

9 Established Movie Directors Who Also Worked on TV

Rudie Obias

Most directors start their careers working on television before taking the plunge into moviemaking.

What is the Universe?

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Eau de Humanity

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: Baby Animal Parade

Miss Cellania

World War I Centennial: Poincaré Takes Office, Coup in Mexico

Erik Sass

Installment #56: On February 18, center-right politician Raymond Poincaré took office in an inauguration ceremony at the Hôtel de Ville.

Take 15% off Your Purchase in the mental_floss Store!

Erin McCarthy

Bella, Cha Cha Man, Boogles, Fido, Mopsulus: Dog Naming Trends Through the Ages

Arika Okrent

Looking for a name for a new pup? From Nosewise to Bella, here's what people have called their dogs through history.

The Missing Links: Why We Don't Stuff Humans

Colin Patrick

We're Launching a YouTube Channel With John & Hank Green!

Jason English

A Brief History of the Typewriter

Bryan Dugan

A new episode of Mad Men or a rare airing of Murder, She Wrote isn’t the only time to stare longingly at a beautiful, sleek typewriter.

Spot the Secret Words

Chris Higgins

Why Don't We Celebrate Washington's Birthday On His Birthday (And What About Lincoln)?

Jason Plautz

Happy Washington's Birthday! Oh, did you think we were celebrating Presidents' Day?

5 Other Americans Who Were Kinda, Sorta President

M Asher Cantrell

Students might not have to memorize these names when they're learning all the presidents, but these people were closer than a heartbeat away.

Morning Cup of Links: Presidential Trivia for Presidents' Day

Miss Cellania