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What's Causing These Mysterious Holes in Indiana’s Sand Dunes?

Jessica Hullinger

Something strange is happening on one of Indiana’s sand dunes.

Why is Boston Called “Beantown”?

Mark Mancini

There’s no definite answer, but this hasn’t stopped historians from speculating.

6 Tricks the Home of the Future Will Master

Want to know what the home of the future will look like? Here's a start.

5 Questions: It's a Mistake

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Underground America: 7 Things You Could Be Standing On

the mag

You just never know what you might be standing on. We asked the author of 'Gross America: Your Coast-to-Coast Guide to All Things Gross' to see what he could dig up.

How Philadelphia's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Arika Okrent

Philadelphia is a city of American history, and that history is reflected in its various neighborhoods.

Drink Whiskey Like George Washington

Hannah Keyser

History buffs and whiskey aficionados, get thee to Virginia.

8 Heroic Cats

Miss Cellania

These cats went above and beyond the call of duty to help others in need.

25 Fun Facts About Godzilla

Mark Mancini

Look out, Tokyo! On Friday, Godzilla’s set to rise from the depths and end a ten-year cinematic hiatus in an all-new movie (alongside Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston).

A Rube Goldberg Zipper-Zipping Machine

Chris Higgins

Since the late 1980s, Purdue University has invited students to make Rube Goldberg machines accomplishing simple tasks in absurdly complex ways.

A Brief History of the Chocolate Chip

Kate Erbland

Have you ever wondered where exactly the chocolate chip came from? Who invented it? Who decided it was best for baking? Should we be calling it a “chip” or a “morsel”?

Every Country's Highest Valued Export

Jason English

Which export makes your country the most money?

Firefox Wants You to Shape the Future of the Web [Sponsored]

The Web needs us. It needs you and others like you to help protect our largest shared resource.

10 Lakes That Are Disappearing or Already Gone

Emily Masamitsu Scadden

In the past, it took decades for man-made water diversion projects and changes in climate to dramatically reduce the size of some of the world’s largest bodies of water.

What's the Difference Between Seals and Sea Lions?

Hannah Keyser

There's a good reason seals and sea lions look so similar—they're both members of the pinniped taxonomic group, a name which refers in Latin to their "fin feet." Walruses are also