This 1875 Baseball Patent for a Bell-Rigged Base Is Genius

Hannah Keyser

17 Wild Facts About Horses

Hayley Harding Yelena Melnichenko

Horses aren't allowed to climb stairs on movie sets and other interesting tidbits.

The FDA Approves a Device That Lets Blind People 'See' With Their Tongues

Shaunacy Ferro

The BrainPort V100 communicates visual information through electrodes signals felt by the tongue.

This Bike-Mounted Projector Could Make Cycling at Night Safer

Rebecca OConnell

Riding a bicycle at night can be risky business, but designer Elnur Babayev has found at least one way to make it a little safer.

Whimsical Calendar Device Alerts You With Bubbles

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16 Hardcore Facts About 'Full Metal Jacket'

Roger Cormier

Old Buses to be Renovated and Turned Into Mobile Shelters for the Homeless

Rebecca OConnell

The Honolulu-based company Group 70 International worked with volunteer architects to create a novel way to help the homeless in Hawaii.

Check Out Early Graph Paper Sketches for 'Super Mario Bros.'

Shaunacy Ferro

Everyone’s favorite brick- and mushroom-based adventure was first drawn on paper grids.

Does This Photo Feature the Notoriously Camera-Shy Vincent van Gogh?

Shaunacy Ferro

Some say this 19th century image of six men drinking includes the rarely photographed Dutch artist.

15 Things You Might Not Know About 'The Count of Monte Cristo'

Michael Arbeiter

Most everyone knows the story of Edmond Dantès, the wrongfully-incarcerated hero of 'The Count of Monte Cristo.' But how familiar are you really with the classic?

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The Missing Links: Amazing Product Tester Jobs

Colin Patrick

The Author Who Wrote in Bookstore Windows

Jake Rossen

In case of narrative emergency, break glass.

How to Fix a Flat on the Moon and Other Tips From NASA’s Lunar Rover Guide

Nick Greene

11 Early 20th Century Insults We Should Bring Back

There’s nothing in the world quite like hurling a good insult, but let’s face it: Modern-day zingers are super boring. The good news is, we have years of linguistic history to draw from!