Name the Countries of North America

Can you name all 23 independent countries in North America?

Spectacular Footage of an Erupting Chilean Volcano

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A German crew just so happened to be filming at the right place at the right time.

Help Solve the Mystery of This 54-Year-Old Letter

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The Reddit hive mind is at work to solve a new mystery and may need your help.

Microsoft Unveils Its Holographic 'Minecraft' Demo

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Augmented reality makes the most popular video game in the world IRL.

'We': The Novel That Inspired George Orwell’s '1984'

Sarah Stodola

Even the Stanley Cup Goes Through Airport Security

Caitlin Schneider

On Monday, Philip Pritchard, the guardian of the Stanley Cup since 1988, tweeted a photo of the trophy going through the security machine the same way backpacks, carry ons, shoes and clear plastic bag

Why Are Public Toilet Seats U-Shaped?

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Plumbing codes require u-shaped toilets for hygienic reasons.

Behind the Magic: 15 Secrets of Disney Park Characters

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As kids we hugged them, took pictures with them, and collected their autographs. But what’s it like to be an adult earning your living as Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella?

NASA-Inspired Garden Grows More Plants With Less Light

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Lots of everyday chores that are easy on Earth can be a real pain in space—and something like keeping a spice garden the traditional way is probably more trouble than it's worth (if not impossibl

World Record-Holding Limbo Dancer Shimmies Underneath a Car

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Shemika Charles recently reached an astonishing new low.

5 Questions: The "-urst" We Can Do

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

11 Tips for Mastering a New Language This Summer

15 Hilarious Hidden Camera Selfies by Animals

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A new website called Snapshot Serengeti features a collection of more than 1.2 million images, and more than a few of them might be considered selfies by human standards.

15 Unusual High School Sports

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Broomball, anyone?

A 1942 Guide to Spaghetti-Eating Etiquette

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Do you twirl? Use a spoon? Slurp? These 70-year-old tips are the answer to your pasta problems.