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Vintage British Films Teach Hanky Etiquette

Chris Higgins

This Fish Needs A Floating "Wheelchair" to Get Around

Jill Harness

What if one of your beloved pets couldn't get around anymore, would you do whatever it takes to ensure he lived a happy life for the rest of his days?

Weekend Links: Nerdy Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

Allison Keene

The Late Movies: Life's A Zoo

Caisey Robertson

This Happened

Jason English

7 Seinfeld Plots That Happened in Real Life

Lauren Hansen

These people have played out Seinfeld moments in real life.

The Missing Links: We Could Have Had A Robot

Colin Patrick

11 Geeky Snow Creations We Love

Jill Harness

Whether snowmen, snow sculptures, or something that lands strangely in the middle, these snow structures are some of the most delightfully geeky ones out there.

Friday Happy Hour: What Was the Worst Part of Your Worst Job?

Jason English

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Reader Question of the Week: Could You Dive Into a Jell-O Pool?

Jason English

Why Do Filthy Insects Spend So Much Time Grooming?

Roma Panganiban

fastidious self-care is reflected in human routines—brushing teeth, combing hair, clipping nails—but also in the habits of scuttling, scream-inducing cockroaches.

Brain Game: Those "W" States

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: Bracing for Nemo

Miss Cellania

World War I Centennial: A False Glimmer of Hope

Erik Sass

Installment #55: After an alarming deterioration in 1911-1912, in February 1913 relations between Britain and Germany took a sudden and unexpected turn for the better.