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Awkward Family Photos Contest Winners!

Andréa Fernandes

We're so excited to have the Awkward Family Photos Game in our store that we partnered with FamilyAndPartyGames.com to run a contest to give away copies of the game! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and T

11 Creative Postage Stamps from Around the World

Bill DeMain

These stamps bring out the inner philatelist in all of us. 1. Mini Phonograph

Brain Game: Math Square #125

Put your mathematics hat on and try today's Monday Math Square mentalfloss.com Brain Game challenge. More fun than Sudoku?

Morning Cup of Links: Toothpick Heist

Miss Cellania

A series of animated shorts has been released to accompany the Bill Murray film Moonrise Kingdom.

11 Celebrities Posing with mental_floss

Kara Kovalchik

Dateline: Novi, Michigan – Motor City Comic Con 2012.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Spymasters

David W Brown

© JASON REED/Reuters/Corbis There’s more to being a spy than drinking martinis, talking into shoe-phones, and discarding messages that self-destruct in five seconds.

Test-Tube-to-Table: 11 Up-and-Coming Genetically Engineered Animals

Haley Sweetland Edwards

© Najlah Feanny/CORBIS SABA It's been almost 16 years since Dolly the cloned sheep was born.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends

Chris Higgins

Jay Cheel's friends play Settlers of Catan. Soda is poured, chips prepared, the board laid out, and then...a ruckus ensues.

Weekend Links: Mrs. Doubtfire as a Horror Film

Allison Keene

Take the Real Simple Everyday Ethics Quiz, a small test of moral principles that can trip you up, and see what ethicist Jeffrey L. Seglin says about 10 ordinary dilemmas.

Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Has 2 Accordionists, 2 Drummers, 3 Bassists + 13 More Musicians

Chris Higgins

The Beach Boys recorded "Wouldn't It Be Nice" as the opening track on their landmark album "Pet Sounds." It's my favorite Beach Boys song, but I never knew how insanely

See the Resemblance? Surprising Family Ties in the Animal Kingdom

Jill Harness

Generally speaking, you can look at a creature and tell if it is closely related to another animal. Wolves and dogs look alike and so do kangaroos and wallabies.

Weekend Links: The 2,000-Year-Old Computer

Allison Keene

That eternal elevator conversation fodder, weather talk: Is there a way to make it interesting?

The Late Movies: Homemade Water Park

Miss Cellania

Water parks cost a pretty penny, especially if you have a lot of people who want to have some fun in the water.

Chips, Crisps, Croustilles: A Global Tour of Unusual Potato Chip Flavors

Jill Harness

There’s a whole world of chip flavors out there that most of us have never even imagined. Here are some of the most interesting.