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9 Smart Ways to Always Pick the Right Movie

Hannah Keyser

Deciding what to watch can be the most difficult part of movie night.

Weekend Links: 3000 Spiders for Sale

Roma Panganiban

What Exactly Is a Pixel and Why Is It Important for My TV?

Sean Hutchinson

“Pixel” is a term derived from the words “picture” and “element.”

What Darth Vader Sounded Like On the 'Star Wars' Set

Chris Higgins

There's a muffled British voice coming out of Darth Vader's helmet.

4 Surprising Things That Actually Make Entertainment Better

Matt Soniak

Believe it or not, these things can actually make your entertainment consumption more enjoyable.

9 Ways to Enhance Your Music-Listening Experiences

Jessica Hullinger

Here are a few ways to take your music habits to the next level.

Weekend Links: America’s Favorite Dogs

Roma Panganiban

Brain Game: Math Square #228

Sandy Wood

Name the Stratego Pieces

"This Way to Sesame Street," 45 Years Ago Today

Chris Higgins

45 years ago today, Americans got their first taste of Sesame Street.

15 of History’s Greatest Puns

WWI Centennial: November 1-9, 1914: A Global Conflict

Erik Sass

A series of events in November 1914 give a good idea of the incredible scope of the Great War – a manmade catastrophe whose size and complexity seemed to defy human comprehension or control.

How To Make Flavored Cocktail Syrups

Clair McLafferty

10 Misconceptions About Pregnancy

Alvin Ward

Elliott Morgan discusses some common pregnancy myths.

The Missing Links: Real Tech or Star Trek Tech?

Colin Patrick