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Brain Game: The Big Drawback

Sandy Wood

What Does That Dangly Thing in the Back of Your Throat Do?

Maggie Ryan Sandford

The uvula is one of the weirdest looking features of the human body. Yet despite its infamy, scientists have spent centuries puzzling over its function.

Why Do We Stretch During the Seventh Inning?

Roger Cormier

Reading about the theories behind the Seventh-Inning Stretch's origin story might take longer than the stretch itself.

Before They Were Famous Authors

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Before they make it big, writers have to pay the bills somehow. Can you guess what these famous scribes were doing before they were household names?

Recording Explosions for 'Star Wars'

Chris Higgins

7 Best Friends Who Shared Incredible Secrets

5 Questions: Five Easy Pieces

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The Time the United States Tried to Buy Greenland

Mark Mancini

Had a Cold War sales pitch worked out differently, Greenland just might have become an American territory.

The Missing Links: The Best Coming-of-Age Films

Colin Patrick

Average Internet Speed by State

Alvin Ward

Where does your state rank?

A Brief History of the Road

the mag

From ancient mud bricks to salty beet juice, roads have a long, winding history—and a glowing future.

11 Electronic Musicians Who Are Collaborating With Their Fans in Unique Ways

Rebecca OConnell

Animal Kingdom Kleptos: 7 Species That Steal

Jeremy Gordon

Humanity, you’re not alone in harboring a criminal element.

9 Poems Penned by Presidents

Erin McCarthy

These presidents were more than just politicians—they also tried their hands at poetry.

Morning Cup of Links: Internet Activism Goes to Washington

Miss Cellania