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10 Near-Trades That Would've Changed NBA History

Nick Greene

In an alternate dimension there's a Bulls team with Kobe, Bird was a Pacer, and Jordan revived the Clippers.

How Maple Syrup is Made

Chris Higgins

There's a series of tubes.

Gabo's Wild Ride: The Incredible Adventures of Gabriel García Márquez

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez has died at the age of 87. This profile originally appeared in mental_floss magazine in 2009.

What Do You Call Sweetened Carbonated Beverages?

Jason English

What do people call soft drinks in your neck of the woods?

The Missing Links: Rare Footage From Action Park

Colin Patrick

The Unauthorized Biography of the Easter Bunny

Ethan Trex

The Easter Bunny is a beloved springtime character, but look deeper and you’ll realize nobody gives away that much chocolate unless they’re hiding something.

Extreme Engineering: How to Land on Mars

David W Brown

In this series, Mental Floss will examine the engineering problems associated with humanity’s most extreme endeavors, from mining asteroids to colonizing the ocean, and explain how engineers plan to s

8 Memorable Rejection Letters

Jennifer M Wood

These letters may not have contained the responses the candidates were hoping for, but a memorable rejection is better than a cold form letter from human resources.

Morning Cup of Links: Scary Easter Bunnies

Miss Cellania

What Do The Girl Scouts Do With All That Cookie Money?

Hannah Keyser

Whether you prefer Thin Mints or Samoas, the pint-sized entrepreneurs peddling their sweet treats are making an awful lot of dough off of our national obsession with Girl Scout cookies.

How to Look Like a Proper Victorian Lady in 11 Easy Steps

Mark Mancini

Earlier this month, we showed 21st-century lads how to gentrify their wardrobes Victorian-style. Today, it’s the fairer sex’s turn.

5 Questions: That Was T"ax"ing

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Spinosaurus

Mark Mancini

Spinosaurus is one mysterious critter. Why don’t we know more about it? Blame the Nazis (seriously). Here are 10 remarkable factoids about this incredible dino.

Watch Babe Ruth Teach A Kid To Hit

Hannah Keyser

If you're a down-trodden sandy-haired boy in the 1930s looking to impress the bullies back at the orphanage, who better to give you some hitting pointers than the Babe?

The Parts of the U.S. Where Nobody Lives

Jason English

Today's map highlights the 47% of the country that remains unoccupied.