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How Kurt Vonnegut’s Brother Settled History’s Most Dubious Chicken-Tornado Debate

Lucas Reilly the mag

5 Questions: Ammo

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A Brief History of Sick People Tampering With Halloween Candy

Ethan Trex

Has this ever actually happened?

9 Game-Changing Moments in the History of Street Art

Jessica Allen

25 Things You Might Not Know About The San Francisco Giants

Hannah Keyser

For the third time in five years, the San Francisco Giants are World Series champions.

15 Lesser-Known Halloween Songs to Put You in a Spooky Mood

Erin McCarthy

27 Motherless Disney Characters

Jennifer M Wood

Walt Disney has got mommy issues

Understanding the "Single Transferable Vote"

Chris Higgins

10 Internet Lies That Refuse to Die

Therese Oneill

11 of the Craziest S’mores Combinations

Kate Erbland

11 Problems That Music Can Solve

Jessica Hullinger

The Missing Links: Making Mad Libs

Colin Patrick

7 Weird Graveyard Inventions

Alan Finn

Some of these grave innovations are practical. Others, however, border on the bizarre and downright creepy.

Name the People in 'We Didn't Start the Fire'

Ancient Scotland: Home of the First Ever Sex

Hannah Keyser

Sex had to start somewhere. And according to a new paper in the journal Nature, that somewhere was Scotland, about 385 million years ago.