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10 Uninhabited Islands and Why Nobody Lives on Them

Miss Cellania

The internet has embraced the story of Brendon Grimshaw over the past couple of weeks. Grimshaw did what so many dream of doing: he bought an island.

At the Libraries: Illustrators Remembering Maurice Sendak

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Brain Game: Like an Old Computer

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge needs but a number for its "solvation." Good luck! Identify the missing number in this sequence: 2, 2, 4, 12, 16, ?, 86,

Morning Cup of Links: Ring of Fire

Miss Cellania

A "ring of fire" solar eclipse will be visible Sunday on the west coast of North America and most of Asia on Monday morning.

Say Pleonasm: 9 Common Phrases Longer Than They Need to Be

Benjamin Smith

The word pleonasm describes phrases that use more words than necessary to get across a point. Sometimes a pleonasm is used for effect. Other times it's just redundant.

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday Liberace, Jonathan Richman, Krist Novoselic, Janet Jackson, Richard Page, Robert Fripp, Boyd Tinsley, and "Pet Sounds"

Chris Higgins

Today happens to be the birthday of tons of famous musicians.

10 Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Things You Should Know About the Swiss Army Knife (Now With a Corkscrew!)

Matt Soniak

Image credit: Flickr user AJ Cann Pocket-sized multitools are a dime a dozen, but the Swiss Army Knife is an icon.

Ken Burns on Storytelling and Truth

Chris Higgins

Ken Burns, creator of innumerable documentaries including The Civil War and Baseball, is the subject of a new short film about the nature of stories and storytelling.

The Missing Links: Stock Photo or $4.3 Million Masterpiece?

Colin Patrick

Time For Another Round of Everyone’s Favorite Game: “Stock Photo or Disgustingly Overpriced Masterpiece” Surely that photo shown above must be the former, correct?

Dietribes: Don't Hold the Mayo, I Relish It!

Allison Keene

• The origins of the word mayonnaise may be derived from mahonnaise, for the Spanish port of Mahon, where the French defeated the British in a 1756 naval battle.

5 Surprising Things Joel Stein Now Knows About Masculinity

Special Guest Star

Joel Stein's new book Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity hit stores yesterday. On Friday, we're going to give away a copy.

We Lost Jim Henson 22 Years Ago Today

Jason English

Image via zhurnaly [Flickr] Last year Chris Higgins put together some touching and heartbreaking clips from Henson's memorial services.

Brain Game: Short Spell #12

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game asks you to choose between four commonly-misspelled words that end with the letters "ABLE." Three are spelled corr

Morning Cup of Links: Lucas' Spite House

Miss Cellania

How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit. You can't fool all the people all of the time. * A new trailer for the Ridley Scott prequel Prometheus is out, and it shows aliens!

The Late Movies: Best of Live Aid

Erica Palan

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