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Can Your Tonsils Grow Back?

Megan Thielking

18 Celebrities Who Appeared on 'The Twilight Zone'

Drew Turney

Rod Serling's groundbreaking anthology series introduced some enduring science-fiction themes and one of the most iconic title sequences in TV history—not to mention a slew of famous guest stars.

An Extensive Guide to Growing Vegetables

Rebecca OConnell

The Final Chapter For the So-Called 'Up' House

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Waddle, Waddle, Quack

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Behold, the Mystery of Cornhenge

Stacy Conradt

15 Amazing Facts About Thunder...Thunder...'ThunderCats'!

Jake Rossen

The Search for a Photo of the Man Behind the 'Sultana' Disaster

Evin Demirel

How 50 Texas Cities Got Their Names

Caitlin Schneider

Everything really is bigger in Texas—including the stories of how each city got its name.

Bizarre New Dinosaur Discovered in Chile

Mark Mancini

Map Shows How Big New York Is Compared To Other Cities

Hannah Keyser

See All 9 Breathtaking Winners from This Year's Audubon Photography Awards

Beth Anne Macaluso

11 Delightfully Dated '80s Magazines

Chris Higgins

From "The Space Gamer" to "Today's Woodworker," we've got some gems.

Creepy Anti-Littering Campaign Uses DNA to Shame Litterbugs

Rebecca OConnell

The Origins of 15 Crazy Southern Food Names

Sarah Crosland