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15 Facts About 'Pet Sounds'

Nick Greene

15 Delicious Regional Dishes That Are Worth the Trip

When it comes to these regional delicacies, accept no substitutes. Book a trip to taste the real thing—you won’t regret it!

Brain Game: Bad Things

Sandy Wood

Name the Four-Letter Countries

Morning Cup of Links: The Baby Costume Model

Miss Cellania

15 Festive International Holidays the U.S. Should Adopt

Americans have a pretty terrific slate of national holidays, but if we could just add these special days, festivals, and events from abroad, the calendar would be even more delightful.

The Surprising Water Footprints of 15 Common Things

Erin McCarthy

You’ve heard all about your carbon footprint, but do you ever think about your water footprint?

15 Words That Are Way More Interesting Than They Seem

Paul Anthony Jones

They might seem straightforward on the surface, but hidden behind them is some remarkable quirk or bizarre piece of trivia that sets them apart.

5 Questions: Get Smart

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15 Fascinating Facts About Daddy Longlegs

Erin McCarthy

A closer look at the misunderstood arachnids.

15 Gifts For Punctuation Nerds & Language Lovers

Hannah Keyser

Tangible expressions of your love of language!

15 Delightful Official State Symbols

Any state can have an official flag, motto, and tree. It takes a particularly delightful kind of place to have its own government-endorsed donut, dinosaur, or marine animal.

30 Cosplays from NYCC '14 So Good They Couldn't Wait for Halloween

Adam Clement

10 Discontinued Beverages Coveted by Collectors

Chris Nesi

These gone-but-not-forgotten libations still have their fan-bases, some of whom shell out pretty serious cash for these vintage potables.

Is it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave While it is Cooking?

Alvin Ward