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7 Lesser-Known Hobbies for the Bored and Adventurous

Therese Oneill

If model trains don’t do it for you and you just can’t devote any more hours of your life to staring at glowing rectangular screens, try some of these lesser-known hobbies.

NES Start Screens, for Three Hours

Chris Higgins

10 Tempestuous Writerly Romances

Shannon McKenna Schmidt Joni Rendon

For these writers, turbulent real-life relationships rivaled the dramas that played out on the page.

Do Sharks Really Not Get Cancer?

Matt Soniak

Morning Cup of Links: Disney's Next Princess

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: Bakery Window

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The Woman Buried in a New Jersey Parking Lot

Lucas Reilly

When Mary Ellis died in 1828, her family buried her in a peaceful patch of woods near a bend in the Raritan River.

11 Super Expensive Airline Routes

Lisa Spinelli

Sorry, there won't be any free upgrades to these first-class cabins.

33 Fun Facts About Colleges

If you ever find yourself on one of these campuses with nothing to talk about, you'll be glad you watched.

Prii? LEGO? 11 Brand Names With Plural Problems

Arika Okrent

Prii? LEGO? Twix?

The Missing Links: The Best TV Novelty Albums

Colin Patrick

Fist Bumps Could Be Good for Our Health

Meghan Holohan

A recent study finds that bumping fists rather than shaking hands in hospitals reduces the spread of bacteria.

How Apple's '1984' Ad Was Almost Canceled

Chris Higgins

The inside story of the commercial that changed advertising, even though Apple's Board of Directors didn't want to run it at all.

"Star Trek: TNG" Wardrobe & Makeup Tests

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Brr-rr-ain Game

Sandy Wood