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9 People Who Just Did It Anyway

Miss Cellania

What is Pine Tar Used for Outside of Baseball?

Hannah Keyser

When it's not slathered on the skin of Major League pitchers, what's the point of pine tar?

Extreme Engineering: A One Way Mission to Mars

David W Brown

In this series, Mental Floss will examine the engineering problems associated with humanity’s most extreme endeavors, from mining asteroids to colonizing the ocean, and explain how engineers plan to s

The Life and Death of Spuds MacKenzie, The Original Party Animal

Nick Greene

A look back at the most popular spokesdog of the 1980s.

How to Be Entertaining: 10 Simple Instructions from 1904

Adrienne Crezo

Being the life of the party was hard in the early 20th century. Here are 10 tips directly from 1904 to help the uninteresting.

What Virtual Reality Looked Like in 1992

Chris Higgins

The objects were blocky, but the hair was silky-smooth.

Morning Cup of Links: Birth of a Giant Iceberg

Miss Cellania

Where Does the Phrase “Hat-Trick” Come From?

Sean Hutchinson

The puck recently dropped for the 2014 NHL playoffs, pitting the best North American clubs against each other for the chance to raise Lord Stanley’s coveted Cup.

5 Questions: That's "All"

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21 Wonderful Words for Wind

Arika Okrent

In case you want to get a little more specific.

18 Famous People Who Are Missing Body Parts

Jason English

In honor of National Amputee Awareness Month.

WWI Centennial: French Cheer British Royals on State Visit

Erik Sass

8 Quirky Chopsticks For Playing With Your Food

Hannah Keyser

Add some flair to your meal with a set of chopsticks that put those splintery disposable kind to shame.

The Missing Links: An Oral History of 'MST3K'

Colin Patrick

The Most Famous Book Set in Each State

Jason English

Do you agree with the book chosen for your state?