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10 Fierce Facts About Dire Wolves

Mark Mancini

Think dire wolves are a hundred percent fictional? You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Pod City: Fascinating Tidbits From Podcasts ‘Off Camera,’ ‘Cardboard!’ and More

Whitney Matheson

Who Is This Mysterious Woman Making Videos in Chernobyl?

Ali Parr

She's been seen eating radioactive apples from a Chernobyl tree and picking up fragments of nuclear waste with her bare hands.

Grave Sightings: James Salisbury

Stacy Conradt

17 Things You Might Not Know About 'Friday'

Roger Cormier

'Friday'—about a day in the South Central life of Craig and Smokey, two stoners struggling to come up with $200 to pay a drug dealer—is turning 20.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Hannah Keyser

The Rotating House is Great for All Seasons

Alvin Ward

The Happiest Countries According to the 2015 World Happiness Report

Hannah Keyser

Switzerland's citizens are the happiest. And the United States clocks in at No. 15.

5 Questions: "Tank" Tops

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The Man Who Revolutionized Breakfast

the mag

There’s only one word for the man who invented the frozen waffle: genius.

Watch Test Footage from Classic Disney Animations

Caitlin Schneider

15 Deadly Facts About ‘GoldenEye 007’

Janet Burns

If 1997’s GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64 had you scouring its rich landscapes for power weapons, hidden passages, and ready-to-explode wooden chairs, there are a few secrets you might have missed durin

Women in Medicine: 5 Firsts in Their Nations

Miss Cellania

Let's meet some pioneering women in medicine who were the first to receive medical degrees in their countries.

Cabbage’s Murderous, Booze-Soaked Past

the mag Caity Weaver

10 Crazy Animal B-Movies Worth Way More Attention Than 'Sharknado'

Scott Weinberg

Who needs 'Sharknado' when there are so many other—and better—crazy animal B-movies that strive to be laughed with, not at.