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Weekend Links: Fireworks in Reverse

Allison Keene

You haven’t truly seen a fireworks show until you’ve seen one in reverse. * How blind people use Instagram; "I've never had a camera before." * Want to get onto "The Price is R

The American Dialect Society's Word of the Year Is Hashtag

Arika Okrent

These days it seems like everyone goes around declaring the "word of the year," but the tradition began with the American Dialect Society, which met last night in Boston for its 23rd annual

The Late Movies: High School Haka

Miss Cellania

As I prepared an old mental_floss magazine article for the internet, I was struck by YouTube's "related videos" section.

World War I Centennial: Schlieffen Is Dead, but His Plan Lives On

Erik Sass

Installment #51: On January 4, 1913, Count Alfred von Schlieffen, the architect of Germany’s plan of attack on France, died in bed of natural causes at the age of 79—thus missing, by just 19 months, t

The Missing Links: One Very Expensive Coin

Colin Patrick

The Trillion Dollar

45 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

Jason English

Jim Cummings is the voice of Winnie the Pooh. He calls sick kids in hospitals and chats with them in character.

The U.S. Military's Top-Secret "Tsunami Bomb" from World War II

The Week

By Chris

Friday Happy Hour: What Condiment Should Never Go On A Sandwich?

Erin McCarthy

On Fridays, Jason posts a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Jason’s out today, so I’m filling in!

What Would Mars Have Looked Like Covered in Water?

Erin McCarthy

The western hemisphere of Mars, with the volcano Olympus Mons on the horizon.

Can People Really Smell Fear?

Matt Soniak

Fictional characters, and even real-life folks, often talk about animals and people—particularly snarling dogs and knife-wielding lunatics—being able to “smell fear” on people.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The Bike-eating Tree A bicycle lost over 50 years ago has been found -five feet off the ground, swallowed by a tree.

The Key to Tasmanian Devil Survival? Being Less Aggressive

Jill Harness

Though they're delightfully adorable, Tasmanian devils don't have a reputation for being sweet and cuddly (just look at that Taz on Looney Tunes!).

Brain Game: Meet Tina

Please say hello to my friend Tina, whose likes and dislikes will help you solve today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Daily Disneyland

Miss Cellania

Employee training films are a treasure trove of weirdness.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 82

Mark Arminio

It's Thursday, it's late, it's time once again for the game that's sweeping the nation: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below, in this case TV shows, have something in common.