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Hasbro Surveys Kids About Their Future Career Plans

Hannah Keyser

25 Fast Facts About 'Field of Dreams'

Roger Cormier

It's not heaven. It's a polarizing baseball movie set in Iowa.

Formatting Issues This Morning

Jason English


Why are Hammerheads' Heads Shaped Like That?

Erin McCarthy

Morning Cup of Links: Fields of Flowers

Miss Cellania

A Cure for Asthma May Be Just Five Years Away

Rebecca OConnell

A new drug breakthrough may be the key to curing the chronic disease completely.

Once-Deadly Viruses Evolved To Protect Early Human Embryos

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: More "Power"

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The Curse on Shakespeare's Grave

Stacy Conradt

5 Common-Universe Theories For TV

Caitlin Schneider

Could Fox Mulder have arrested Stringer Bell? According to these fan theories about seemingly unrelated shows populating the same universe, the answer is: absolutely.

WWI Centennial: Gas Attack at Ypres

Erik Sass

101 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

Alvin Ward

Store these away for future trivia nights.

10 National Parks and the Ghosts and Monsters Who Supposedly Live There

Caitlin Schneider

Bigfoot aside, the instances of otherworldly national parks visitors are almost too numerous to chronicle.

When Ohio Outlawed Seduction

Jennifer M Wood

An 1886 law made it illegal for a woman in Ohio to act on those romantic feelings she was having toward her roller skating instructor.

10 Cold War Terms Used in 'The Americans'

Angela Tung

The latest season of The Americans is wrapping up tonight, so it's time to make like deep-cover 1980s Soviet agents Philip and Elizabeth Jenkins, put on a wig, and take surveillance of these 10 s