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Impossible Figure Skating Moves from the Movies

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

In Hollywood, filmmakers have taken a few liberties on the ice, namely when it comes to some of the technical elements. And the judges are not impressed.

6 Smart People Debunk Myths About the Poor

Chris Higgins

Last week I wrote about a big myth: that foreign aid is a big waste. Since then, a bunch of people have posted smart videos busting myths about similar topics. Here's a roundup!

Morning Cup of Links: Ranking the Grammy Performances

Miss Cellania

What Makes Our Brains Feel Trust?

The Cheese Origin Quiz

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We’ll give you a cheese, and you tell us where it originated. (You might want to go grab some cheese now to help ward off any mid-quiz cravings.)

5 Questions: Hounds

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Why Is Your State So ________?

Jason English

What are people commonly asking about your state? Let's review the Google autocomplete suggestions.

15 Facts in Honor of Wayne Gretzky's 53rd Birthday

Sean Hutchinson

There has arguably never been a more dominant player in any sport than hockey's Wayne Gretzky. Here's why.

Weekend Links: Nelson Mandela’s Prison Packing List

Roma Panganiban

Bloopers from "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"

Chris Higgins

Andrew Jackson's Big Block of Cheese

Ethan Trex

On Wednesday, the White House is holding "Big Block of Cheese Day." Here's a look back at the Andrew Jackson party that inspired it.

How to Get Thousands of Bees to Land on You in a Beard-Like Fashion

Bill DeMain

In 2011, two beekeepers from China faced off to see who could attract the most bees to their flesh. What would compel anyone to do this?

Weekend Links: Gluten-Free Girl Scouts

Roma Panganiban

11 Photos from the Opportunity Rover's Decade on Mars

Erin McCarthy

On this date in 2004, the rover Opportunity landed on Mars. Originally intended to serve a mere 90-day mission, the rover has instead beamed back scientific discoveries for a decade.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

Chris Higgins