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Artist Carves Intricate Worlds in the Pages of Books

Caitlin Schneider

Artist Brian Dettmer uses an X-Acto knife to create incredible sculptures with books as his medium.

15 Things You Should Know About Cézanne's 'The Card Players'

Kristy Puchko

There are more 'Players' than you think.

11 Amazing Gadgets You’ll Find on the International Space Station

Intricate Sculptures On The Tip Of A Pencil

Hannah Keyser

Climbers on Mount Fuji Will Get Free Wi-Fi

Hayley Harding

Because who wants to waste data posting their selfie from the summit?

When the FBI Went After 'Mad' Magazine

Jake Rossen

The magazine wasn't just polluting young minds; it had the gall to mock the honorable J. Edgar Hoover.

Origami Pot Changes Size as Plants Grow

Rebecca OConnell

Never re-pot a plant again.

Native Americans Might Have Domesticated Bobcats 2,000 Years Ago

Shaunacy Ferro

A bobkitten was found buried wearing a necklace in an ancient funeral mound in Illinois.

Metalhead Teens Grow Into Happy Adults After All

Shaunacy Ferro

Old fears that heavy metal affects kids' development were misplaced, according to a new study.

10 Resourceful Facts About Badgers

Hayley Harding

Beautiful Micrographs of Crystallized Tears

Sonia Weiser

A photographer asked friends to cry and captured their tears to see if there were any differences between types.

Incredibly Rare Split-Colored Lobster Caught in New England

Hannah Keyser

How rare is incredibly rare? Try one in 50 million.

Artist Breathes New Life into Decrepit Detroit House With Flowers

Hayley Harding

A $500 house in Detroit got a floral makeover.

10 Famous Movies With Direct-to-Video Sequels Nobody Remembers

Scott Weinberg


What Made a Pride of Lions Climb a Tree?

Caitlin Schneider

The question sounds like the set-up to a joke, but last week, 15 lions in Central Serengeti, Tanzania ascended a tree to escape the elements.