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The Best/Freakiest Dictionary Promotional Video From the 70s You’ve Ever Seen

Arika Okrent

9 Surprising Facts About Sharks

Melissa Gaskill

Far from mindless killing machines, as they’re so often portrayed, these members of the class Chondrichthyes, or cartilaginous fish, are fascinating age-old survivors with a critical role in the ocean

6 Get-Rich-Quick Schemes From Vintage Comic Books

Therese Oneill

All you had to do was hit the pavement and sell their products door to door. In return you’d get money, prizes, and a start in the business world. Usually.

Work Study: How Amrit Singh Goes Beyond the Music

Jen Doll the mag

Taking a job as a news anchor for the brand-new music channel Revolt TV—and moving from his native New York City to Los Angeles—was a huge change for this blogger, filmmaker, and Bar-certified attorne

Let's Roll a Yahtzee

Chris Higgins

The odds are 1 in 1,296. We can do this!

Brain Game: Prime Jive

Sandy Wood

What’s the Difference Between a Lake and a Pond?

Sean Hutchinson

You’re taking a summer stroll along a nice trail when you come across a body of water. “That’s a beautiful lake,” you think to yourself. Or ... wait.

Morning Cup of Links: The Simpsons Predicts the Future

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: Parliament

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

5 Man-Made Things You Can See from Space (Plus One You Really Can’t)

Mark Mancini

Which of mankind’s marvels can we actually spot from the final frontier? This question calls for a little perspective. Space is big.

Isolated Amazonian Tribe Contracts the Flu From Outsiders

Jessica Hullinger

The Missing Links: The Man Who Mailed Himself (And Other Transportation Tales)

Colin Patrick

Do Dogs Get Jealous? New Study Says Yes

Hannah Keyser

Just like how an older sibling might act out when a new baby joins the family, a new study from PLOS ONE suggests dogs get jealous when they perceive there is a rival for their owners' attention.

The Quotable Andrew Jackson: 12 of Old Hickory's Best Lines

Stacy Conradt

Andrew Jackson was many things: Stubborn. Brilliant. Ruthless. Romantic. And insanely quotable.

27 Unbelievable Local Traditions

Jason English

John Green discusses some of the most interesting traditions and festivals around the world.