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Animating Adam Savage's Workshop

Chris Higgins

8 Odd Festivals and Events in July

Miss Cellania

How Does the Farmers' Almanac Work?

Jessica Hullinger

Twins: The Mid-'90s NYC Restaurant Staffed Entirely By Identical Twins

Nick Greene

Employees had to work at the same time and wear the same outfit, and if one called out sick, the other twin was forced to take the day off.

Morning Cup of Links: The Last Foot-Binding Survivors

Miss Cellania

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Watch Out for Snakes!

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10 Questions From the U.S. Naturalization Test

Jason English

Could you pass the civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test? Applicants must answer 6 of 10 questions correctly.

46 Facts About First Ladies

Stacy Conradt

Bring some First Lady facts to this year's Fourth of July barbecue.

7 Taboos From a 17th-Century Coffeehouse

Chris Vitale

Thanks to Paul Greenwod, who penned The RULES and ORDERS of the Coffee-House in 1674, we’ve got the basics to keep you from embarrassing yourself in front of 17th century London’s most progressive soc

The Missing Links: The NASA Sniffer

Colin Patrick

This Machine Eats Trees

Chris Higgins

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July

Hannah Keyser

6 Elaborate Plots to Prevent Tornadoes

Jessica Hullinger

There have been many harebrained attempts at preventing tornadoes.

How to Make Music with an Active Volcano

Mark Mancini

Meet Mount Etna. Europe’s tallest active volcano, this Sicilian landmark has a knack for inspiring artists.