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11 Animals that are Super Small at Birth

Kate Erbland

Pound for pound, the animal kingdom’s littlest newbies are still pretty wonderful in their own way.

The Greatest Sports Figure From Each State

Jason English

Back in 1999, Sports Illustrated ranked the 50 all-time greatest sports figures from every state.

How Seattle's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Spike Friedman

From lost coin flips to misidentified foliage.

9 Things You Won't See on Display at the American Museum of Natural History

Erin McCarthy

A mere 3 percent of the American Museum of Natural History’s 33 million specimens and artifacts are on view at the New York City institution.

Is the Five-Second Rule Real?

Meghan Holohan

Fans of MythBusters will point out that Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage proved several years ago that five seconds on the floor was enough for tasty morsels to attract all sorts of bacteria—but a new st

15 Classified Ads We Hope Had Happy Endings

Therese Oneill

Today, if we have specific needs or questions, we can usually find a specific forum or website to help us. But a century ago, there was only the Classifieds section of your town’s newspaper.

This Video Elegantly Explains How Big the Universe Is

Erin McCarthy

5 Questions: Tip "Jar"

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10 Famous Literary Characters Based on Real People

Stacy Conradt

“Write what you know,” they say. So it makes sense that many authors take a good look around at friends and family when creating characters for their books.

5 Lesser-Known Film Adaptations of Famous Books

Kate Erbland

Sure, you're familiar with some version of these books that were committed to film. But you might not have known about these...

The Secrets Behind 7 Secret Recipes

Nick Greene

These companies know that the unknown will always be more exciting than "some mayo and paprika."

9 Ways to Find Age Without a Calendar

Arallyn Primm

You can’t ask a tree or a whale how old they are, and most of them weren’t tracked from birth. So how do you tell their age? How do you find out the age of things without a calendar?

The Missing Links: The Inspiration For the Film "Up"

Colin Patrick

The Letters of Last Resort

Hannah Keyser

If you have a secret to keep, a good place to do so is in a safe inside another safe in the control room of a nuclear-class submarine far below the surface of the ocean.

Guess 43 Cartoon Theme Songs in 5 Minutes

Chris Higgins