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The Late Movies: Terry Gilliam's Animation

Chris Higgins

Terry Gilliam is now a renowned director, but he got his start in illustration and cut-out animation -- most notably for Monty Python.

A Sun-Like Star Very Close to Us Might Have a Goldilocks Planet

Erin McCarthy

Artist’s impression of the Tau Ceti system. Created by J.

The Missing Links: Reworking Your Weak WiFi

Colin Patrick

Debunking the Eagle Baby Grab Video That crazy video of an eagle grabbing a baby?

This Visualization Shows How the Earth Moves During An Earthquake

Erin McCarthy

There is much about earthquakes that is a mystery, even to scientists.

Terry Gilliam Explains Animation in 1974

Chris Higgins

Terry Gilliam started out as the only American* member of Monty Python, and he was responsible for the absurd animated sequences seen throughout Monty Python's Flying Circus as well as their late

Why Do We Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

The Week

It all goes back to Loki.

Brain Game: Presenting

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge is a brand new word ladder. Since the words share the same first two letters, it looks easier than it is.

Morning Cup of Links: Instagram Kerfluffle

Miss Cellania

Instagram's new terms of service outraged users when it appeared the company was claiming rights to all their pictures.

25 of the Happiest Words in English

Arika Okrent

A group of mathematicians at the University of Vermont published a paper on positivity in the English language.

In Honor of Titanic's 15th Anniversary, Watch the MythBusters Tackle the Movie's Myths!

Erin McCarthy

Wednesday marks 15 years since Titanic was released in theaters.

The Missing Links: Timing Santa

Colin Patrick

Indiana Jones Just Received A Very Important Package At the University of Chicago. And no one knew where it came from.

Santa-Themed Victorian Games for the Night Before Christmas

Erin McCarthy

Game of the Visit of Santa Claus. McLoughlin Brothers, 1901.

Contrary, Lazy, or Subversive (but Funny) Christmas Decorations

Miss Cellania

Three years ago, I posted a list of Bizarre But Clever Christmas Decorations.

5 Model Train Sets That Won’t Fit Under the Christmas Tree

Rob Lammle

In this age of video game consoles and iPads, it’s easy to forget there was a time when miniature trains were at the top of every kid’s holiday wish list.