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5 Questions: Perry Mason

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12 Videos of Adorable Animals Fighting

Joy Lanzendorfer

Do the animals we label as “cute” fight with each other? Most of the time, the answer is yes.

A Gorgeous Guide to Musical Notation

Lucas Reilly

Pop Chart Lab's latest poster is bursting with musical marks that will make musicians of all stripes tremolo with joy, turn after inverted turn.

The Missing Links: Shore Is Weird

Colin Patrick

11 Notable People Who Shared Their Names With Famous Contemporaries

Mark Mancini

You’ve probably met a few perfectly normal people who happen to have the exact same name as some celebrity. Maybe you’re one of them. It’s a common problem.

Strange States: Montana's Toxic Lake

Rob Lammle

This week we head to Montana, also known as Big Sky Country, and the home of director David Lynch, Hollywood cowboy Gary Cooper, and the man who made the phrase “March Madness” famous, sportscaster Br

How to Make a Cardboard Yo-Yo

Chris Higgins

Who Invented the Hot Dog?

Jason English

Every Monday, Craig Benzine answers a question from one of our readers.

Are Bees Really All That Busy?

Matt Soniak

Some bees don’t really do any work at all.

15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters

Arika Okrent

5 Questions: Brad Minus "T"

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Teenagers Just Can't Figure Out the Original NES

Erin McCarthy

Brain Game: Taking Up Space

Sandy Wood

What Would Happen If You Stopped Dreaming?

Roma Panganiban

A Tour of the Internet in 1993

Chris Higgins

Here's what the Internet looked like 21 years ago.