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10 Facts About Hadrosaurus

Mark Mancini

Everything you need to know about New Jersey's official state dinosaur.

Watch the Sunrises and Sunsets of Instagram

Caitlin Schneider

A grad student at NYU has figured out a way to make all those sunset photos even more beautiful.

The Houses Famous Directors Would Design If They Were Architects

Hannah Keyser

6 Mysteries Surrounding Virgil's Life and Work

Suzanne Raga

Nearly 2,000 years after Virgil wrote "The Aeneid," even the most basic facts about the author are still a source of controversy.

'Inside Out' is Already Part of 'The Pixar Theory'

Chris Higgins

The latest Pixar film fits right into one man's mega-complex 2013 fan theory. Here's how.

How 'Jane Fonda's Workout' Conquered the World

Jake Rossen

In the '80s, everyone owned a pair of leg warmers. This is why.

Let These Listless Jellyfish Lull You Into the Weekend

Hannah Keyser

The ocean contains an endless array of amazing animal beauty.

10 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Blue Lagoon’

Kate Erbland

The slightly salacious island-set romance that capitalized on burgeoning hormones is turning 35 years old.

The Musicians Who Scared the Soviet Union in the '80s

Shaunacy Ferro

In 1985, the Soviet propaganda machine accused Western bands of spreading racism, homosexuality, and anti-Soviet myths.

5 Budget Whiskeys to Buy Dad (And Recipes to Make Them Taste Great)

Clair McLafferty

Missing Hats Mark First Major Crime on Scottish Island in 50 Years

Caitlin Schneider

In the first major crime in half a century, the thief stole six woolly hats, coffee, biscuits, candy, and batteries.

22 Heartwarming Before and After Photos of Adopted Dogs

Hayley Harding

You're welcome.

15 Surprising Words That Are Probably Onomatopoeic

Paul Anthony Jones

The Missing Links: Arnold Pulls Off A Wax Statue Prank

Colin Patrick

How Many Kisses Make a Proper Greeting in France, Mapped

Shaunacy Ferro

People in Corsica really, really like to kiss each other's cheeks.