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14 of History’s Craziest Baldness Cures

Lucas Reilly

When your hairline starts to retreat, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your head from turning into a volleyball.

What is Proper Handshake Etiquette Around the World?

First impressions mean everything, and most of the time, they start with a handshake. Here’s what you need to know to make the locals happy on your next business trip.

Why Are Blue and White the Hanukkah Colors?

Amanda Green

If you've ventured out in public since November 1, you've probably noticed Christmas decorations in red and green.

During the First U.S. Lunar Landing, the Soviets Crashed Into the Moon

Chris Higgins

While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were concluding humanity's first Moonwalk, the Soviets made a surprise appearance.

5 Questions: Super Sonic

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World War I Centennial: German Government Rocked by Anti-Militarism Protests

Erik Sass

12 Steps in Bringing Wonder Woman To The Big Screen

Rudie Obias

It's been a long road to the big screen for the beloved DC comics character.

17 Really Strange Pinterest Boards

Therese Oneill

Pinterest: As Freaky and Fun as You Want To Be.

The Missing Links: A Much Worse Thing to Put Your Tongue On

Colin Patrick

15 Delightful Snow Projects

GEICO’s customer service is every bit as delightful as getting a day off to play in the snow. Here are a few projects to keep you busy during your next snow day.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

What New Buildings Are Changing Architecture?

These modern creations are poised to change the way we design buildings for generations to come.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Why Won’t These Bugs Cross This Line?

Matt Soniak

At this invisible line, two related species of millipedes meet, but don’t mix—and no one knows why.

5 Questions: Sets of Three

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