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16 Facts About 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'

Joy Lanzendorfer

Here are some things you may not know about this long-lived children’s classic.

Why is Ketchup So Hard to Pour?

Matt Soniak

5 Questions: Colorful Surnames

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10 Ridiculous Documents Released Through the Freedom of Information Act

Adam D’Arpino

In addition to being a massive asset to journalists and eager members of the public, FOIA has also shed light on some of the weirder corners of America’s functioning democracy.

19th-Century Bridal Superstitions for Getting Married and Staying Happy

Hannah Keyser

At the table, if two spoons are accidentally put down together, there will soon be a wedding in the family.

The Missing Links: A Non-Bohemian World

Colin Patrick

19 Everyday Expressions That Came from Aesop

Craig S Baker

Here are a handful of Aesop’s most popular contributions which we still use today, along with a taste of the stories that spawned them.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's new comics include Death of Wolverine, The Wrenchies and more.

Modern Problems: "Technology has made my life an open book. What ever happened to the quaint notion of privacy?"

the mag AJ Jacobs

11 Weird and Wonderful Letterheads

Emma del Valle

Here follows a selection of letterheads from a number of personages or organizations, famous and otherwise, taken from the phenomenal blog Letterheady, which is run by archivist Shaun Usher.

Brain Game: Floyd

Sandy Wood

Why Do So Many Russian Drivers Have Dashboard Cams?

Bryan Dugan

YouTube has become the depository for every lyric video, parody, and, apparently, copious amounts of shocking footage from dash-mounted cameras in Russia. But why?

The 13 Most Impressive Performances From 1978's Rock ‘N Roll Sports Classic

Nick Greene

What Are Scabs Made Of?

Sean Hutchinson

When you cut your skin, your body knows exactly what to do in order to heal the pesky wound as fast as possible. Eventually, a brownish rust colored scab forms over the cut.

This New App Provides Creative Way to Communicate

Rebecca OConnell

When texting and calling just won't do, there is Somebody™, the new app created by Miranda July and the New Museum.