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Weekend Links: Love Around the World

Roma Panganiban

Playing Asteroids for 58 Hours

Chris Higgins

In 2010, John McAllister broke the Asteroids world record. He played on an original arcade cabinet, and documentarian Adam Cornelius was there to capture the event.

5 Famous Characters with Brunette Evil Twins

DeAnna Kerley

Having an evil twin can be a drag. They run around causing mischief and often trying to steal their innocent twin’s identity.

Bartending With Fire, Eggs, and Science to Impress Your Friends

Clair McLafferty

Knowing how to make tasty cocktails will make you a hit at any party, but adding flair to the process can bring the house down.

The Missing Links: The 1973 Radio Shack Catalog

Colin Patrick

The Beer Fridge That Only Opens for Canadians is Back

Lucas Reilly

Everybody’s favorite beer fridge is back! This time, it’s making its Olympic debut.

9 Other Mascots Who Were Given a Facelift

Hannah Keyser

Pierre the Pelican isn't the first mascot to get a facelift (or total transformation).

The Surprising Origins of Child-Proof Lids

Mark Mancini

While the modern versions of child-proof lids have been around for decades, their history may extend back thousands of years.

How to Write the Sound of a Kiss

Arika Okrent

In English we have a few different ways to write the sound of a kiss: muah, smack, xxx. They get the idea across, but none of them imitate the actual sound of a kiss.

11 Strange Things Done in the Name of Love

Jennifer M Wood

I love you! Let me fake my death and prove it.

Why Don't Valentine Hearts Look Like Real Hearts?

Matt Soniak

Love is in the air today, and images of two-lobed hearts are all over everything: candy, cards, decorations, you name it. That the heart is symbolic of love and passion isn’t surprising.

5 Online Campaigns Empowering Women and Girls

Chris Higgins

Women make up half the world's population, but they face serious challenges—for instance, one third of the world's girls are married before age 18 (with a shocking 1 in 9 married before age

Google Translating "Let It Go" into Many Languages and Back into English

Arika Okrent

Morning Cup of Links: Early Ice Hockey Rulebooks

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Be My "Valentin"e

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