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Challenge Accepted: 8 Inspiring Stories

Miss Cellania

Some people live their lives by making the best of what they have. And then there are people who even make the best of what they don't have.

The New Hipster Cities of America?

David K. Israel

There's a new-ish blog on the scene here in Austin called Culture Map, which I've been enjoying very much during my stay.

Brain Game: Toll-Free

Okay, I admit it, I played with the phone as a kid.

Morning Cup of Links: Mouse in the Mouth

Miss Cellania

A new study on single people shows results that are the opposite of what you've heard lately.

The Late Movies: Star Trek Humor

Chris Higgins

After posting yesterday's laugh-a-minute-for-fifteen-minutes hit Worf is Always Wrong, I thought I'd round up a few more wacky Star Trek videos.

14 Fun Vintage Carnival Pictures

Jill Harness

Did you know that February 26 is Carnival Day or that the 14th was not only Valentine’s Day, but also Ferris Wheel Day?

Interview with Trace Beaulieu of MST3K and Cinematic Titanic

Sandy and Kara

A two-part exclusive interview with Trace Beaulieu, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and now with Cinematic

How Does Duty Free Work?

Ethan Trex

© Heiko Wolfraum/dpa/CorbisThe Spring Break season will be here before you know it, and if you’re traveling abroad for a vacation, you’ll get to enjoy the fun and excitement of passing through Customs

Dietribes: Parsing Down Parsley 

Allison Keene

• Parsley's popularity dates back to antiquity, where the herb was an integral part of life for both the Greeks and Romans.

The Meaning of the Word "Moot" is Moot

Chris Higgins

The adjective "moot" means "open to debate." Yes, really.

The Grackle

David K. Israel

Continuing on with my Austin themed posts this week, here's one on the grackle, which is a bird I was unfamiliar with before my trip down.

10 British Sitcoms Inspired by American Shows

Rob Lammle

It's not unusual for television producers to adapt successful British sitcoms for an American audience.

Brain Game: Cashes In

Here's a new type of Wednesday Wordplay challenge for today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game. Enjoy! The following list contains seven different five-letter words.

Morning Cup of Links: Oscar Brackets

Miss Cellania

If picking the Oscars were as much fun as picking March Madness winners, ...it would be a lot more fun.

20% Off Sale!

Andréa Fernandes

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