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9 Famous Authors Supported by the New Deal

Emily Anna Smith

The Federal Writers' Project produced upwards of 275 books, 700 pamphlets, and 340 articles, leaflets, and radio scripts. Here are a few famous writers who contributed.

7 People Who Did It Anyway

Miss Cellania

All of Your Favorite Famous Cats on One Poster

Erin McCarthy

Love cats? Then this poster is for you.

The Missing Links: Everything's Comin' Up Cos

Colin Patrick

11 International TV Adaptations From the Last 11 Years

Maureen Monahan

These television shows were so popular that they got adapted for new countries and cultures.

Strange States: Hawaii's Stairway to Heaven

Rob Lammle

The 10 Most Expensive Coins and Banknotes in the World

Chris Stokel-Walker

Sometimes, thanks to rarity, historical happenstance, or minting or printing errors, our cash is worth more than its face value. Occasionally, a lot more.

How Do Postal Workers Decipher Really Sloppy Handwriting?

Lucas Reilly

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will keep the post office from delivering the mail. And neither will chicken scratch.

What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine?

Louis Pasteur once proclaimed, “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” It turns out he was right (in moderation, of course.) Bottoms up!

Morning Cup of Links: The Legacy of Twilight

Miss Cellania

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11 Remarkably Cool Squids

Mark Mancini

Sometimes, evolution has a field day. Invertebrates don’t come much wilder than squids, yet most people have only ever heard of the “giant” variety.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Chip Engineering

David W Brown

Not the micro kind that are running your computer but the potato, corn, and tortilla kind whose crumbs are all over your keyboard.

11 Actors You Might Not Realize Do Commercial Voiceovers

Kate Erbland

These celebrities have stepped up to the mic to record a few moments of words on fancy cars, cozy restaurants, and even toilet paper.

11 Exotic Edible Treats from South Australia

Jessanne Collins

Gratuitously Instagrammed!