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A Rube Goldberg Zipper-Zipping Machine

Chris Higgins

Since the late 1980s, Purdue University has invited students to make Rube Goldberg machines accomplishing simple tasks in absurdly complex ways.

A Brief History of the Chocolate Chip

Kate Erbland

Have you ever wondered where exactly the chocolate chip came from? Who invented it? Who decided it was best for baking? Should we be calling it a “chip” or a “morsel”?

Every Country's Highest Valued Export

Jason English

Which export makes your country the most money?

Firefox Wants You to Shape the Future of the Web [Sponsored]

The Web needs us. It needs you and others like you to help protect our largest shared resource.

10 Lakes That Are Disappearing or Already Gone

Emily Masamitsu Scadden

In the past, it took decades for man-made water diversion projects and changes in climate to dramatically reduce the size of some of the world’s largest bodies of water.

What's the Difference Between Seals and Sea Lions?

Hannah Keyser

There's a good reason seals and sea lions look so similar—they're both members of the pinniped taxonomic group, a name which refers in Latin to their "fin feet." Walruses are also

Morning Cup of Links: Sound Effects Gone Wrong

Miss Cellania

The Weird Patent for a "Better" Mousetrap

Erin McCarthy

You know the saying: "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." But improving on the mousetrap is tough—just ask Joseph Barad and Edward Markoff.

5 Questions: On the "Fritz"

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Gorgeous Timelapse Video of Colorful Alaskan Nights

Erin McCarthy

12 Ways Monsters Were Made (According to a Medieval Doctor)

Lyz Lenz

Besides “God’s will” and “evil,” here are 12 ways Ambrose Pare believed that monsters like man-goats and brain scorpions were created, from his book On Monsters and Marvels.

Brutally Honest Fan Mail From an 8-Year-Old

Jason English

She really hated Billionaire Boy.

Barry Clifford on Finding the Santa Maria—and Why the Story isn't Over Yet

Hannah Keyser

"I can't imagine what else it might be," Barry Clifford said earlier today at a press conference held at the New York headquarters of the Explorers Club.

The Upside To Attachment Anxiety

Hannah Keyser

This week, NYMag.com launched a new offshoot called Science of Us, which covers news and trends in the behavioral science world.

15 Movies That Were Booed At The Cannes Film Festival

Rudie Obias

While it seems rude to heckle or boo a movie at the local cineplex, it’s actually somewhat common at the Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off today.