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The Missing Links: Putting the Olympics in NYC

Colin Patrick

How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Nick Greene

You may know where these neighborhoods are, but do you know what their names mean?

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Brain Game: Temperatures

Sandy Wood

10 Clearly Unscripted Moments from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Meredith Danko

Jimmy Fallon is well-known for breaking character from his SNL days, and Late Night embraced that quality.

What Exactly Is Curling?

Ethan Trex

Here's a quick, stripped-down primer on everyone's favorite icy alternative to shuffleboard.

Google Autocomplete Results for Kids of Every Age

Jason English

How do people view kids of different ages? Kyle Sulerud is the father of a one-week-old baby boy, and he turned to Google to see his parenting future.

How Austrian Soldiers Saved the 1964 Olympics

Ethan Trex

Although Innsbruck has a well-deserved reputation as a winter sports mecca, it was dangerously low on snow and ice in the weeks leading up the 1964 Games. So the organizers called in the troops.

Red Bull Gives Wings to Artists and Athletes Alike

Red Bull fuels the most creative of artists and the most fearless of athletes.

What are Pimentos, And How Do They Get Inside Olives?

Kara Kovalchik

Pimentos start out in life as a variety of chili pepper called “cherry peppers.” Small and red (hence the name), they are sweeter than bell peppers and very mild, with the lowest Scoville scale rating

5 Things You Might Not Know About Vaccines

Chris Higgins

Vaccines are a crucial part of maintaining public health. Here are five things about vaccines—including the ones you may have received!—that you might not know.

Curling Term or Quidditch Term?

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Olympic curling may have drawn you in, but how well do you know the sport’s unique jargon? To us, the curling lexicon often sounds like it could have been lifted directly out of the rulebook for Harry Potter’s favorite game, Quidditch. How well can you tell the difference?

5 Questions: Blow 'Em or Pop 'Em

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How to Give Birth 100 Years Ago

Therese Oneill The Week

Here, we look at some of the stranger advice of the day.

5 Real-Life Events Predicted by Simpsons Jokes

Christian Bond

Last week, the internet was abuzz after The Simpsons predicted a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl. But that wasn't the first time the show told the future.