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Your Dog Has Something to Tell You

Judy Dutton the mag

Step away from the dog whisperer. Canine-cognition scientist Alexandra Horowitz knows what your dog is thinking.

Brain Game: Ordinal People

Sandy Wood

Cowabunga! 10 Vintage Pictures of People Surfing

Rebecca OConnell

Why is it Called Salt Water Taffy?

Matt Soniak

Reader mail!

Morning Cup of Links: Uranium Glass Collectors

Miss Cellania

11 Essentials to Pack for a Smarter Weekend Getaway

Slipping out of the office a little early on Friday for a weekend of fun? Load up with this essential gear, and you’re halfway to having the best weekend ever.

Are You Human?

Chris Higgins

5 Things Magicians Knew Before Scientists Did

Robert Herritt

Today's cognitive scientists are uncovering features of the mind that magicians have understood (and exploited) for hundreds of years.

5 Questions: Sharknado 2

Pass rate:75 %
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WWI Centennial: The Opening Shots of The Great War

Erik Sass

15 Things You May Not Have Known About 'Conan the Barbarian'

Sean Hutchinson

10 Roller Coasters That Changed America

Alan Finn

American coasters weren’t always scream machines. They evolved over time, with specific coasters paving the way for those that followed.

When and Where Do People Buy What They Buy on eBay?

Hannah Keyser

People buy a lot of different things on eBay, making it a good source for studying consumer trends.

11 Reasons You Feel Comfortable Saying Anything to Your Best Friend

26 Lesser-Known Jobs That Could Be Your Calling

Jason English

Looking to make a change?