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The Missing Links: The Real 'Up' House Is In Danger

Colin Patrick

Name the Famous Patricks

16 Fun Facts for James Madison’s Birthday

Mark Mancini

This Mysterious Caterpillar Builds a Toxic Fortress of a Cocoon

Matt Soniak

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is So Good For Us

Jessica Hullinger

Compelling new research may just have you knocking back shots of olive oil in your kitchen.

Photoshop Experts Using Photoshop 1.0

Chris Higgins

Some modern-day pros sit down with the original program, and they're delightfully stumped.

Morning Cup of Links: Dennis the Dachshund’s Drastic Diet

Miss Cellania

11 Incredible Benefits of Being Able to Change the Focus of Photos After You Shoot Them

A Brief History of Closed Captioning

Scott Allen

Whether you've encountered its unmistakable white text on black background at the gym, in a bar, or on the couch, you're familiar with closed captioning.

A Bird Thought to Be Extinct Has Been Rediscovered

Rebecca OConnell

Here's a Design For Skyscrapers That Don't Cast A Shadow

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: "Wes" is Stern

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Listen and Compare: 15 Different Irish Accents

Arika Okrent

Everybody loves an Irish accent, but there isn’t just one Irish accent.

15 Birds With Fancy Feathered Noggins

Rebecca OConnell

Special crests, crowns, and plumes can be found on birds all over the world, and can be used for anything from mating to intimidation.

15 Athletes Whose Numbers Were Unretired

Mark Mancini