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8 Winter Olympics Demo Sports

Kate Erbland

The Olympics have long made both room and time to include “demonstration sports” during their run. These sports are played for promotional purposes and some eventually become official Olympic events.

Bloopers from The LEGO Movie

Jason English

Whether you're snowed in or not, these outtakes from The LEGO Movie should improve your day.

The Missing Links: What These Games Need

Colin Patrick

Q&A: Namit Malhotra, the Man Who Helped Make 'Gravity' 3-D

Jennifer M Wood

Though lauded for its groundbreaking use of 3-D, the lost-in-space blockbuster 'Gravity' was actually filmed in two dimensions.

How Does A Honeybee Colony Think?

William Herkewitz

As any kid with a mason jar can tell you, the honeybee isn't the smartest animal on the planet. But oddly enough, a honeybee colony is actually pretty intelligent.

40 Weird Word Origins

Jason English

In this week's episode, John Green looks at the origins of 40 words such as "noon," "denim," and "mortgage."

Morning Cup of Links: A Captain Retires

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Sid Caesar

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4 Curling Controversies

Hannah Keyser

For anyone who has ever accused curling of not being a real sport, take a look at the controversies that the curlers' competitiveness breeds.

The Missing Links: Why We Cry

Colin Patrick

Q&A: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Drew Toal the mag

A conversation with the rock star of astrophysics

"Parapsychologist" Finds Mental Disorders in the Dead

Matt Soniak

This is a little hard to report with a straight face, but it seems that some of the dead can’t rest in peace.

4 Olympians Who Sold Their Gold Medals (And One Who Tried)

Stacy Conradt

You wouldn’t know it with all of the hype surrounding the Olympics right now, but there are things more important than winning a gold medal.

Morning Cup of Links: All About Ski Jumping

Hannah Keyser

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's most interesting comics: Beautiful Darkness, Oak and She-Hulk