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12 Post-Potter Revelations J.K. Rowling Has Shared

Roma Panganiban

In the years since the final book was published, J.K. Rowling has talked a lot about what happened to Harry and his friends.

The Evolution of Facebook's Pronoun Problem

Arika Okrent

Talking in the third person, the singular they, and gender-neutral pronouns.

The Missing Links: The History of Hadouken!

Colin Patrick

The Evolution of the Lightsaber

Chris Higgins

Here's a fifteen-minute film showing exactly how the galaxy's coolest laser-sword was created.

2014 Olympic Uniforms from Around the World

Miss Cellania

Last week we looked at what the U.S. Olympic team will have on in Sochi. Here's what the rest of the world will be wearing.

Neil Gaiman reads "Green Eggs and Ham"

Chris Higgins

The Time Paul Revere Worked as a Dentist

Mark Mancini

Outside of his military accomplishments, Boston’s most famous messenger also enjoyed a unique medical career that saw him become the first forensic dentist in American history.

10 Literary Holidays

Hannah Keyser

Bibliophiles know there's no wrong time to fete your favorite book or author.

How Does Caffeine Work?

Lucas Reilly

Caffeine isn’t the kickstarting jitter-drug you think it is. If anything, it’s a sneaky imposter.

5 Questions: Everything in "Place"

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Hear James Joyce Read From <em>Ulysses</em> and <em>Finnegans Wake</em>

Lucas Reilly

Sylvia Beach convinced the author to record passages of his most famous books.

4 Surprising Facts About Gene Kelly

Kelli Marshall

Eighteen years ago last week, the world lost one of Hollywood's greatest entertainers: Gene Kelly.

In Case You Missed It: Adobe's Game Day Ad [Sponsored]

Adobe's Ad has a message for marketers that's both chilling and hopeful.

The Missing Links: Lorne Michaels talks SNL

Colin Patrick

What the Northern Lights Really Look Like

Chris Higgins